Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's been going on!!

Well, I am really bad about this blogging thing, that is all there is to it! With that said, here is what has been happening in our house in the past few weeks...

**I am still working 2 12 hour shifts at healthpoint and babysitting a full day on wednesdays and one night a week for the other family. I love those kids so much. Pete on the other hand is taking a class on T and TH nights and doesn't get home until 10! I struggle staying awake until he gets off at 7:30 some nights, can you imagine what I am like at 10! HA
**I have started running again, slowly, but it feels good. Reminds me why I love it so.
**Speaking of running, my parents did a half marathon recently, im jealous!
**One of my closest childhood friends got engaged! I am SO happy for her. Life is moving so fast. Her sister also just had her first child, and their dad retired, big week in their home :)
**My little nephew is becoming cuter and cuter as he gets older, he is so fun right now crawling around and playing. He is also starting to recognize faces and knows certain people..better be showing my face alot more, wouldn't want him to not know who his favorite auntie was!
** Pete and I finished our house on William street and listed it with a realtor, pray it sell quickly.
**My friend Patty, who is pregnant hit the 20 week mark last week, I am so excited for her and her husband!
** We got a BRAND new 2011 chevy truck, it is so pretty....then I hit a telephone pole that is in my alley to get to my house, not good. Pete was actually a lot more calm about it than me, it really made me mad at myself. Dents can always be fixed I guess...
**That is all I can really think of right now, I am excited for it to get warmer outside so I can start running outside and getting our landscaping organized and so we have grill and have people over. Last summer, almost every weekend us and a few other couples got together and hung out and grilled and talked into wee hours of the night, those are my new "married" friend and I love them so. I can't wait to see us in 5-10 years when we all have kids and spend the nights chasing them around instead of sitting around a table drinking, and talking about ourselves..oh how the times change..exciting!!
**Oh, one more thing since we are on the topic of nice weather and landscape...I have a garden this year, granted it is on pots and it is only 5 different things, I am excited..I'll keep you updated(as often as I update you will probably hear about it each time I blog ha) hopefully they stay alive until my next post! :)

Thanks for the patience, if anyone still checks to see if I update that is :)
Have a fab Thursday! I know I will--all of my friends from Mizzou are on spring break and they knew that cape would have the most fun of all the places in the world on their break, so we are all hanging out if I can only make it until 5pm on 4 hours of sleep...hmmmmmm.