Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday! {7/31/2015}

OMG. I do not think I have been this excited about a Friday in at least 7 days! ;) This week has been a draggg, and I am so ready for the weekend!

My biggest FAVORITE this week by far is I added one of my long time friends, Danielle to my ItWorks! team! I could not be more excited for her and this journey. She is going to absolutely ROCK it! ItWorks is running a promo, and you get a FREE box of wraps when you sign to be a distributor until  Saturday at 6pm! If you have considered becoming a distributor, contact me TODAY so you can be apart of this amazing deal! I have loved every single product I have tried, and I have loved seeing the results of my loyal customers. I normally don't do things like this, but I have seen so many people quit their job because their ItWorks income is bigger than their "work" salary so I figured why not!? It is only $99 to start and you get enough product in your start up kit to cover the cost. Not to mention, I have gained new friendships and have rekindled some old ones and to me, that is so fun and so worth it! I could go on and on, but seriously, just do it. I am here to help every step of the way.

Another FAVORITE this week is Zetta has slept in her panties every night this week with no accidents! I am a firm believer in waiting until the child is ready to potty train, and she is an example of that! We are so blessed! Fingers crossed Nora catches on to her sisters habits quickly ;) Side story with that...a little TMI, but too hilarious not to share. Nora has a pretty clear vocabulary for her age (not necessarily a lot of words, but the words she does have are very clear) and the past week or so every time she toots or someone else toots she makes sure to say "toot" at least 4 times until you acknowledge the "toot". I have no idea where she even got that word because we do not talk about toots at our house. Am I raising little girls or little boys?! ha.kidding. Nora is also, ironically obsessed with wearing bows (she has NO hair). When I got home on Sunday we played in the bows and then they wanted to facetime every extended family member and show them their cool hair-do. (excuse the lack of pants.)

Ready for the weekend. These girls are my FAVORITE.

I have spent a lot of time with some of my FAVORITE people lately and really slacked on recapping on the blog! I will make sure to recap Janice's wedding, my girls weekend, my bff Meg came into town, and we went to Homecomers when it was in town last week! [sneak peak of pictures]

I am telling you, the selfie stick pictures are out of control. I will spare you the 300+ photos :)

I am "on call" every weekend in August for work, so I am looking forward to a a month of staying close to home and not overly filling the calendar! Cheer to the freakin weekend!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday [7-29-2015]


I am linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel to give a little update on what's been going on in my neck of the woods!

What we are eating this week...

Monday: Chicken lettuce wraps 
Tuesday: Homemade grilled chicken tenders with steamed broccoli, roasted cabbage wedges, and zucchini chips
Wednesday: Turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, and green beans
Thursday: Spiral noodles with turkey meat sauce (we have gymnastics so it has to be something quick and easy!)
Friday: Cauliflower pizza crust pizza for Pete and I and homemade little pizza's for the girls

What I am reminiscing about...

All things Fall! I am ready for cooler weather, soup, and football!

                                                    I love fall!

What I am loving...

Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee. Gimme.

What we've been up to...

A lot of swimming, gymnastics, organizing closets, and fall clothes shopping. I feel like this this the first season I am going to have to buy basically all the staples for the girls wardrobe's. We have had hand-me-downs from a bunch of different amazing people, but now that Zetta is bigger, we have caught up to our friends who passed down. I am extremely thankful we have made it this far (almost 3 years) with buying MINIMAL clothing for the girls. I really try to force myself to not go over board, even if it is really cute because most of the time it really isn't worth it and they have MORE than they need already. Holiday time is really the only time I catch myself splurging more than I should!

What I am dreading...

The thought of starting back at the gym. I weighed myself this weekend and I have gained 16 pounds this summer. Wait, WHAT? Yikes...I thought summer was when you lost weight?

                                       weight loss motivation. I'm making a sign with this on it. Craft time is a necessity:) @hillary warren @christi williams

What I am working on...

Keeping up with this blog, spending less money on things I do not need, and my patience. I have lost them all. :)

                                      It's about the good person you are. And no one will remember you for what things you had, but how you made them feel.

What I am excited about...

FOOTBALL! I surprised Pete with tickets to the Mizzou homecoming football game for his birthday and it is the weekend before our anniversary in October, so it is kind of a double dip. We have NEVER left the girls for more than one night, so we are LONG over due for a weekend away with just the two of us! Not to mention, it is doing one of Pete's most favorite things, so its guaranteed to be a good time!!

                                       missouri university football - Google Search

What I am watching/reading...

I wish I could say I am reading something, but I just do not make the time for reading right now. Wah.
As far as what I am watching, Bachelor in Paradise starts soon and Big Brother is starting to really pick up and get good! I also started Parenthood on Netflix in my free time..wait, what is free time again?!...I am on Season 1 Episode 2 HA!



What I am listening to...

Random Podcast's at work, Carrie Underwood pandora, also Phillip Phillips radio as well. Also, Zetta is obsessed with sing-a-long songs on You Tube right now. They.Never.Stop. --Old McDonald, Baby BumbleBee, Five little Monkeys, catch my drift.

What I am wearing...

A lot of dresses, tank tops, shorts, and work out capri's! Pretty much as basic as a girl can get when it comes to my wardrobe. I am learning to accept it and love my style. I think this year I have really figure out what I like, and feel comfortable in, so that's a plus!

What I am doing this weekend...

NOTHING! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be more excited!

What I am looking forward to next month...

Pete's birthday, my sister's birthday, a handful of my friend's have birthday's, everyone's back to  school posts, and I am going to a Cardinal's game with work!

What will I miss about Summer...

I will miss the sunshine and swimming pool, tan skin, and sandals. I will not miss the 100 degree weather, and the blazing hot car seats.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ricardo Street after pictures

I posted the wonderful before pictures of our Ricardo Street house a very long time ago (and can see that post here), and never got around to posting after pictures when we lived there! We have moved since then, but I have the listing pictures. It is obviously a lot cuter with all our belongings in it to make it a "home" but you can at least seem the before and after of the structural and cosmetic changes. I absolutely loved this house,  but we out grew it quicker than we thought we would when we added a 4th little human to our team. Not to mention, we always have at least one friend or sibling lives with us it seems, and this was a GREAT house for extra live-in family members :) After doing this post, PLEASE go look at the before pictures first so you can really appreciate all of our hard work, and to really see that just because a house is ugly when you first look at it doesn't mean it can't ever be pretty again! 

Living room from the front door

Kitchen/dining room We took out the wall, added french doors and redid everything else

Upstairs bathroom. Previously decorated in pigs :) Again, please look at the before pictures just for fun!

The girls bedroom The office looks just like this, but is still full of our things so we don't have a picture

Master bedroom

Master bedroom half bath

Downstairs living room (picture from the double doors)

Downstairs living room view from the steps. The bath and bedroom are down that hall on the right

The "kitchen" area of the downstairs. The door leads into the laundry room/storage area

The "media" room downstairs under the garage 

Downstairs bedroom 

Downstairs bathroom. It was only a stall shower and we converted to a tub/shower

Downstairs bedroom that is under the garage

Downstairs bedroom that is under the garage

We added the doors going out onto the deck, it was just windows before we purchased.

 We added the deck as well.

If any local friend's know someone looking for an updated ranch on a quiet dead end street, feel free to get a hold of me because this house is on the market! :)