Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Land of the free because of the brave!

We had a fabulous holiday weekend! Friday I got off at 4 pm and the girls and I had a low key afternoon/evening of coloring and hanging out at home. Daddy got home and we did dinner and hungout, and then I went out to dinner (and more) with one of my very best friends, Janice. I couldn't go to her bachelorette party, so I wanted to take her out on the town one night before she gets married!!

Zetta could not be more excited about showing off all of her drawings! 

Saturday, we woke up and hung around the house for most of the morning. I had to bake some brownies before we headed out for some fun! We went to my parent's house to swim the majority of the afternoon and we all took a nap (even me!) there before heading over to my in-law's for dinner. 

The water was a little too cold for Nora and I, so we just sat and snacked most of the day while daddy and Zetta swam. 

After naps, we headed to my in-law's for dinner and fireworks! We left our water table at their place a few weekends ago, and the girls had a blast playing in it. 

My only attempt at being festive! 

I was worried how the girls would do with the fireworks, but they absolutely LOVED it. It was such a surreal moment for me--they were adorable, and I know holidays like these only get better as they get older! 

Gaga got the girls a LOT of glow sticks and they were a major hit!!! 

Aunt Em let Zetta wear her fire cracker headband and Z was ecstatic!  

Okay, I know this picture is terrible, but I keep looking at it and dying laughing at Zetta's face. That flash was just too bright! HA!! 

Sunday the girls (thankfully) slept in a bit later than normal (We didn't leave Jackson until after 10:00 pm Saturday night. I was shocked at how well behaved the girls were for how late it was!). Zetta and I headed out to Janice's parent's house that afternoon to help bag cookies for the wedding! Pete was helping my dad with their bathroom remodel, so Nora stayed behind and napped at Eesie and Poppie's, 

We all just hung out there all evening and watched the women's wolrd cup final (Go USA!). It was a weekend to remember, jammed pack full of fun!  I was off Monday and we went to the water park. The girls had a blast, picture's tomorrow!! 

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