Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday favorite's

I have kind of lacked in the blogging department this week, but I promise to pick back up next week. I have my best friend's wedding to recap and I am in the middle of totally reorganizing, de-cluttering, and purging have of the contents in my closet, kitchen, and bathrooms. I am just tired of toys missing pieces and wading through clothes in my closet every morning that I know have no shot of ever making it off the hanger. Yesterday I went through the girl's clothes from newborn-2T and got rid of everything except the sleepers (because who can get rid of an itty bitty newborn sleeper that is just so darn snuggly and cute) and most of my timeless pieces (smocks) or holiday wear. This is what my dining room looked like yesterday afternoon

Compared to most of my friend's little girl closet's mine is by far the smallest, but seeing it all laid out on the ground it was overwhelming. What child needs this many clothes? Not mine, and I am vowing to myself to start making a change. There are some things that are over the moon adorable and I cannot pass up, but I want to make those purchases few and far between (Pete would jump up and down with excitement if he read this. HA!) Getting it all organzied and out of my basement was one of my FAVORITE things this week, though.

Zetta is still loving gymnastics! She is improving so much and it is so fun to see her so excited about an activity that she enjoys. She has been practicing a few things at home even. I love her! 

This is also one of my FAVORITE little faces that is so well behaved and patiently sits and waits for her "sissy" to finish class (with lots of snacks in hand). I cannot wait until next year when she is old enough to participate. The two and three year old's are together, so next year Ashley and I will almost fill an entire class with our four girls. I better start praying for that poor teacher now! Ha!!

Our strawberry plant is producing more strawberries than I ever imagined it would! Picking the bright red strawberries is one of Zetta's FAVORITE things.

Pete usually needs to pop in Orange Monkey and check on things on the weekend's, so we usually make it a family trip! These girls are never mad about it! It is one of my FAVORITE places to go now that it is not causing me 6 tons of stress.

This is actually a jousting pit bouncer, but for Zetta it is a perfect place to stand and SHOUT sing LET IT GO, LET IT GOOOOO as she stomps the ice on her stage. This girl and her imagination...

Pete usually plays golf and goes to dinner with a group of guys on Wednesday nights so the girls and I do whatever we can for a little bit of midweek fun. This week we went to our BFF''s (Ashley, Mila, and Maebry) house and swam in their neighborhood pool and ate pizza for dinner. Some how I didn't take any pictures (probably because I was chasing toddler's all around the pool for 2 hours). It was a fun night and it is even better because I can transfer both girls into their beds and have a little time to myself. I usually pour myself a glass of wine , get out my ironing board, and turn on some terrible reality tv. PURE BLISS.

(and yes, Erin I will get curtains up soon, I promise. We have only lived here 6 months, cut me some slack ;)) Reading that just makes me laugh. I need curtains (and an appropriately sized TV stand) Ha.

Speaking of wine. I am totally fine with a plain jane glass of wine, but this summer I have been wanting something a little bit more fun. So, I picked up some berry flavored sparkling water and mixed it with the wine, added a handful of ice and a fun fruit and had a fun little cocktail.  Try it, promise it will become a FAVORITE.

Lastly I have to add in this adorable picture because these two are some of my FAVORITES!

Have a fabulous weekend, and as always I am linking up with ErikaAndrea, Liz, and Karli.

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