Thursday, December 4, 2014

Going to the chapel...

My bestest friend, Janice, is getting married!! I could not be happier for her and Gabe! Janice is one of my three friend's that I made in college and has turned out to be one of my very closets friends! She is so caring, loving, and protective of her friends! Some of my best memories are with this girl! I cannot wait for her big day!! Her sister's threw her an engagement party a few weeks ago and it was amazing! We were a little late (had to do bedtime first:)) so I didn't get a picture of the table or decor, but it all looked amazing! Love ya, Janice! You deserve nothing but the best!! xoxo

All of the wedding party that was there!

Pumpkin Carving with Eesie!

My mom asked us to come over for dinner and pumpkin carving a few Monday's ago, and we obviously said YES! I love this tradition. We usually carve with my sister's family at Sam A. Baker, but since we went so early this year we didn't get to. We went over after nap time so that I could clean out the inside's of the pumpkin's so they would be ready to carve right after dinner! Sissy is usually ready for bed pretty quick after we eat, but I wanted to make sure Zetta still had time to carve! She was a huge fan, and loved every second!