Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cousin Day

A few months ago my sister came down for a wedding and I got to babysit her kid's! It was a fun filled day!  We loaded up from my parent's house to head back to my house in hopes Zetta would fall asleep in the car(and she did!) so when we got home and transferred the little kid's- Wyatt, Sloane, and I just played outside until they woke up. It was so fun to play with them and just hear their little laughs. 

After they woke up, the "big" kids and I loaded up and headed out to my aunt and uncles to see their new puppies! Nora stayed back with Pete because last time we went out there she was terrified of them!! The kid's had the best time running and playing! 

(my aunt will kill me if she sees that I put this picture on here :))

After we ran around the whole house, fed the chickens, looked at the cows, we loaded back up in the car and headed to get pizza and play at the park! There was another little boy there, and Wyatt just jumped on in and started playing with him while the girls played together. It is fun to see him play with kid's his own age and be confident like that! He is getting so big! My sister gave strict instructions to not let them fall asleep on the way home or I would have a LONG night ahead of me! We chatted about the day all the way home, took a bath, played with Uncle Pete and baby Nora a little before he took them downstairs to watch a movie while I put Nora down. By the time I got down there, Zetta and Sloane were out cold and I snuggled up with Wyatt for a little bit until he fell asleep. My parent's came and picked them up after they left the reception and took them back to their house. Those kids were worn OUT and are the champions of car transferring. My dad loaded them in their car from my house and unloaded them back into their beds at their house without either of them waking up. That is a successful cousin day my friends! I cannot wait until the next time!