Friday, August 29, 2014

Tara's getting married!

One of my very best friends, Tara is getting married the first weekend of September! We went to school together all our lives and have been good friends since middle school. She is one of most loyal and loving friends that a girl can have! She is always there no matter what, and I couldn't wait to celebrate with her last weekend! We all met and loaded up Saturday morning and headed to Nashville! We pulled in about lunch time, checked in at our hotel and took off walking! We grabbed some lunch, they just walked in and out of stores for a little while. A couple of the girls bought new boots (because we actually live in a town where people wear boots on a daily basis, not just to look cute ;)), and then we headed back to the hotel to do the lingerie part-ay and get ready for a fun filled night!


My room of girls!

We all got these little drink cling stickers, they made for a good time!

Some of my absolute favorite girls, ever! 
 It was a fun evening! We did have an eventful trip home, with my car over heating and then getting pulled over, because I called Pete to let him know we were back on the road and apparently there is a strict law against being on the phone while driving in Illinois. luckily, the lady cop was extremely sweet and let us off with a warning because we didn't know and she didn't want to ruin our weekend! Thank you lady cop!!!!!

I was more than ready to get home to these two sweet babes though! I am so thankful for my awesome husband that watches the girls without question so I can have some time with friends!! Such a great time with great friends!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The internal roller coaster of a working mama

Pete and I probably have the same conversation once a month. Any other working mama of small kids knows how it goes.. "I hate work, I wish I could just stay home with the kids all day"! Then the next sentence is how much I love my job and I need the adult interaction and staying home is not for me.
So, yesterday was my day off since I work Saturday's, and I really just thought all day about how grateful I am for my job and what it is teaching me, but also, more importantly what it is teaching my children. Zetta is at an age where she understand where I am going and such. She knows my work shirt, and when she has to go to work with me she throws her arms in the air and lets out a big "yahoo" before we even make the turn into the mall parking lot. I had to run into work yesterday morning before we opened because I needed to exchange money to get them smaller change before the day started. Which means we all have to load up, go to the bank(where she also knows that they have suckers), and unload at my work so I could take the money inside. I know I work at a kids entertainment center, so it is obviously a fun place for her to go, but she just kept saying, "mommy's work, yahoo" all morning. It just changed my whole attitude. I need to be grateful that we got to choose when she started any type of outside preschool or daycare. We have family around that takes time out of their lives to come watch my girls and wants to be an influence in their life. I need to be grateful that I am teaching my children that Pete and I go to work so that we can provide for our family. I feel like working moms get a bad wrap sometimes because "someone else is raising our children". I am extremely thankful for the job that I have and the flexibility that I have when we are in a bind, or the fact that I can bring Nora to work and wear her around while I do my job. Not many places allow things like that and it really is a perfect fit for our family. Yes, the job has a few negatives, but what job doesn't? After yesterday, and having to run in on my day off, usually that changes my attitude for the whole day. I get aggravated and let it affect the whole day. But yesterday, I didn't. I usually get stressed out on my day off and run around like a crazy person trying to clean my house, go to the grocery, cook a few meals for the week, laundry, etc. But yesterday, I just set all of those jobs aside and spent the whole day focusing on my girls. We went to the library, lunch, they both took amazing naps and I sat on the couch and watch stupid reality TV the whole time, then we drove down to Sikeston and visited with a few friends. I had the best day. It was like I hit the reset button. I am okay that I have to go to work today, because I know I am doing what is best for ME and MY FAMILY and that is what matters most. I just want to encourage all those working mama's out there that struggle with the same internal battle of guilt. It is okay that you are working. It is okay that your kids are going to a childcare facility. They are learning and playing with other kids and that is just helping them learn to share and be independent people. It is okay that sometimes you eat pizza for dinner and have dirt on the floor. Because you are teaching your children that working is a good thing, and you are doing your best to provide the best life for your family. Don't ever let someone tell you different. Mom wars can get pretty ugly these days but if you focus on your family and whats best for you, that is all that matters.

I know that got a little deep at points but I needed to let it out. For myself, and any other mom that struggles with going to work. I feel like I am finally at a place emotionally that I am okay. I know I am doing whats right, and I need to cling to that when others try to put me down. 
Have an awesome day! We are going to cheer on the Redhawks tonight and kick off the start of college football! WoooHoo! The best time of the year!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Favorite Things Party!

Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and sharing my favorite thing (or two) for under $10! I am going to share two beauty must haves for me that are under $10.

1. Hands down, must have, is my concealer! With a 5 month old, 21 month old, work, and trying to train for a half marathon, there is no way I could go a day without concealer! Even when I just stay at the house all day I put my basic face make up on. I feel like I am more put together if I do! 
                                           CoverGirl Invisible Cream Concealer, Light 125 - .34 oz..

2. My second must have is my baby lips chapstick. I have every single one that is sold, but I think my favorite is the "grapevine". It is the very last one in this picture. It gives you enough color, but still has the chap stick feeling. Love it!!!

I fell behind on blogging last week, but I almost have my Nashville weekend recap finished so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Zetta goes to school!

Well it happened...Zetta started Preschool, every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-2pm. We waited until the last minute to sign her up because we were not sure what our schedule was going to be like once we had Nora. Of course, when we decided that yes, school is the route we wanted to take, her class was full. But, we got a call last week saying they had a cancellation and a spot was available in her class! Not going to lie, I got tears in my eyes thinking about sending my baby to "school". She has always been watched by family, so this is a big step for her, and for Pete and I. The preschool is held at our church, so she is familiar with the set up. She didn't shed a tear when we dropped her off. As for me, that is a different story! ;) I know it will be good for her to play and interact with other kids, but it is still change. It is going to take us a few weeks to get in the groove, but I know it is going to be a good thing, for her and for us. Just keep us in your prayers as we adjust to this new routine! The first day of school would be the same without cliche chalkboard pictures!! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday addition!

I always get a little shopping crazy at this time of the year. Back to school, the start of fall, long's my favorite. I just wish I could spend $1,000's and get a whole new wardrobe each year! I am obsessing over RiffRaff's new "Game Day Collection" so I am just going to list my favorite things off of there today, and just dream a little bit! :) The only problem is that I wish more was for MU instead of AR, but at least the black and gold pieces I can make work!

1. "Break the Chain" Necklace. Isn't it the cutest? I think I could wear this with almost any outfit, which makes it even cuter!

2. This sweatshirt! I can't get it because Pete would die if I wore Razorback attire, but I am obsessing over camo right now and this just hits the nail on the head! Doesn't it look so comfy?

3. Polka dots..yes please!


4. Long sleeve dresses are so hard to come by. This one is still comfortable, cute, and do-able with small children! 

5. Who doesn't love to represent their home state!? Can't go wrong with a long sleeve t-shirt, that's for sure!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out some of my favorite styles right now! I am loving getting back into the blogging world and hope you want to follow along with my little family. Feel free to e-mail me, I love meeting new friends! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome to the world Nora Katherine

Daddy with his new baby girl

Getting all checked out

Cousin's headed in to see baby Nora

Nora Katherine Ressler//Born 2:25pm//8pounds 14 ounces//20.5 inches long. My heart is so full

Me with my two precious babies

First family photo

Sister's and cousin's. Those girls are going to be the best of friends.

Proud Eesie and Poppie

Be still my heart!

Is that a baby doll? ;)

Proud Aunt Em

Cousin Wyatt checking it all out. He's going to be the sweetest cousin with all these girls around.

Haha. This was the second day. Zetta was ready to have her parent's home. Sweet girl.

She was worn out!

Heading home!

Can't forget about the girl who made me a mama!

Nora's birth story:
We knew we were going to be getting induced early due to the fact that I have large babies! We headed to the hospital when the clock struck midnight on Monday the 24th. Actually, funny story, we were suppose to be there at midnight, but Pete and I both fell asleep on the couch and woke up about 1am. We scurried around, packed our bags, I ate a sandwich because I knew what was about to come, and then we took off! We live about 3 minutes from the hospital so we got there quick. The check in nurse was so slow, but we finally got checked in and I got hooked up and going about 2 am. We slept on and off until the nurses switched out at 7am. Then, after being bothered every hour all night we decided to just wake up for the day. I went into the hospital dilated to 4cm, but really hadn't progressed much since. Around 10am I really started to feel my contractions, so I went ahead with the epidural. That whole process went smooth, and I tried to take a nap after that. I really started to feel all of my contractions again, so they had the  anesthesiologist come back. She gave me a few different things (honestly, I can't remember what, but it made the pain go away so I didn't care.) and I was ready to go. I could tell when she was in there that my contractions were getting pretty close and painful, and I was scared she was going to numb me too much, then I wouldn't be able to feel when to push. So, while she was getting it all straighten out, when a contraction would come I would just kind of do a little push while I was sitting there. I guess I shouldn't have been doing that though, because the next time the nurse came in, she checked me and I was at a 10. She was like wow, let's have this baby. I got all up and organized  (if you know what I mean) and she wanted me to do a practice push before we started actually pushing. Well, I did one practice push and she made me get out of the stirups and call Dr. Cugini! I couldn't believe I was that close! All those little pushes did more than I thought! Dr. Cugini got there and I did two pushes for her and then we heard that beautiful cry! I could not believe it! I pushed for over two hours with Zetta, so I was expecting it to be a long process again! Praise God it was not! Easiest birth ever and thankful our little girl was here!! My family was in the waiting room, but we told Pete's family that I was going to start pushing so they had about 2 hours before family could come in probably, so they were back at work (15 minutes away) but were there pretty quick. For some reason we didn't get any pictures of them with Nora at the hospital. Kind of bummed about that!! Anyway, Nora is here and doing great, we couldn't be more thankful!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lazy L Safari

Saturday morning we decided to load up and go to Lazy L Safari. We have never been before so we thought,why not!! Zetta has been all about animals lately so we wanted to get a bag of feed so she could feed the animals, too. Luckily, 2 and under is free, so it was only $14 for Pete and I. We had a coupon for a free bag of feed that you can print here if you are planning on going anytime before September 1st. They also have these little popsicle sticks with bird seed on them for the parakeet jungle, so we got one of those too. Once we were all checked in, the petting zoo of goats is first up. Those little guys are just begging for food! Zetta and Pete went in and played with them, but I didn't get a picture! Surprisingly, she wasn't too scared! 

The deer were pretty crazy. I mean, I know they are not wild deer and have been caged and fed since birth, but it's still wild to feed a deer and see them so close.  

Zetta,checking out the alligator's! She kept patting her knee saying "come here, come here!" 

There were birds just roosting everywhere. It was a pretty cloudy morning, as you can see in this picture. 

I think there were random deer and goats in just about every cage.  

Pot belly pigs! It had been raining the few days prior to when we went so parts were pretty muddy. I didn't really think about it before we left, but closed toed shoes are a must! Rocks, mud, and sandals do not mix well! 

Is that not the biggest porcupine you have ever seen!? It reminds me of the movie homeward bound!

I didn't get a picture of everything, but there was quite a few other things to see. I think the whole park took us about an hour to go through. Thankfully I wore Nora the whole time, because it  does not have very stroller friendly walkways. The parakeet's weren't feeling the sticks of food so I forgot to get a picture. Too early in the morning I guess! It was neat to be able to get into the cage with them though!
Overall, it was a neat, local place to go. We will definitely be going again next year!!