Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am working on my Vegas post and Christmas posts! Sorry it is taking me so long. Pete's dad is still staying with us, plus I have been working everyday to make up hours for being out of town and it is throwing my days off! I am so ready to get back to a normal schedule and start planning my days since I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO CLASS ANYMORE!  wooohoo, I am finally a college graduate...I shouldn't say finally because I busted my butt and finished in 3 and a half years, but it feels good to be finished!

--While we were on our way home from Vegas my mom called, her cousin committed suicide so the morning after we got home we had to go to his funeral. Funeral's are sad in general, but only 7 months ago my sister lost one of her identical twins at birth. I can honestly say that it is the saddest thing I have ever had to deal with and it isn't close to over. I don't think something like this will ever go away, it will only get easier, but funerals still bring that back to my memory pretty quick. My sister is SO incredibly strong and has became so much more of a role model for me, and for many others I am sure. Love you sista ;)!

--My parents are ringing in the new year with some of our really close family friends in Florida! They are so lucky! Every year since I can remember we get together with 3 other families and have a New Years party (along with multiple other parties throughout the year, they are pretty much family) but now that we are older and do our own thing, they decided to take a trip..they are having a blast! I also decided yesterday that I was going to have people over because Patty, my sister, Pete's sister..etc had nothing to do so I got to decorating yesterday..can't wait to share pictures! It's so fun having a reason to decorate :)

--I have no clue what I am going to do now that I am graduated. At first I wasn't wanting to find a job with my major because there really wasn't anything around here, but I am starting to think I want to start looking for something in the event planning we shall see...

Anyways that's all really for now, it is 8am so people start waking up and I have to start working for real now ;)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm still here!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long! Pete and I have been out of town the week before Christmas then we are still in vacation mode until we went back to work yesterday. Pete's dad is still in town until Thursday and he is staying with us so it just throws things off a bit having company, don't get me wrong I love having him here in Cape with us because he lives 20 hours away, so its good to have him around so much! I will do a recap of our trip, we had a blast! I will also do a recap of Christmas...

Have a good day!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome to our home!

OK, since we just moved into our house this is going to be a home tour in general, plus some of our Christmas bare with might get LONG! Also, there is still A LOT of work to be done on some rooms, so please don't judge. I will write a caption on the pictures that need them describing what still needs to be done...Here we go..Welcome!

This is our back door, but it is the door that everyone uses because we park in the back of our house. My friend Patty and I made those wreaths :)....come on in..

When you walk in this is what you see. I might as well say now that I didn't clean or anything for these pictures..this is our life! So this is our laundry room, it is the one room that is the farthest from being finished..but it has came a LONG way from when we moved in 2 months ago. The ceiling still needs to be finished, we still haven't put up the trim and we haven't really organized all Pete's tools. We do not have a garage or any outdoor space so this has to hold everything...

Here is the view from the living room. All the boxes over there, yeah..that is things Pete bought online on black Friday from Lowe's that I have no idea what to do with! I apologize..

Ok, so here is the junk table! Every tool and screw, nails, etc are on this table. We have tried to make it look neat, but there is no hope. In all those boxes there is a day we will put it together. ha.Plus our coat rack, which is a ladder..I haven't found the rack that I really want so this is working in the mean time.

This is where we hang our keys, plus I extended the ribbon from the wreath and put it down the door for all our Christmas cards we are getting in the mail! Plus our calendar and current events we have going on!

Dryer sheets, and laundry detergent!

Our FAVORITE wedding gift! It is a cabinet door that is decorated with our last name

Small bathroom!

Our stairs leading upstairs to the bedrooms, it says Love Lives Here.

Since we have 3 rooms up here and it is an old house so the closet are small, we made one into our closet and I couldn't be happier! Only thing this room is lacking is a new ottoman, that is just an old bench Pete had in college.

Our master! I love it! I wanted to make it like a hotel suite. Once I get all the pictures up one the walls it will look complete, right now it still looks unfinished to me..excuse the cord, it is my electric was on heating my bed so I didn't wanna move it! Ha.

Bookshelf in our room, where we plug in our phones at night..

Spare bedroom. We didn't want a TV in our bedroom, but we wanted one upstairs in case we ever want to watch TV up there it is. I am still searching for the perfect chair next to the guitars..the room is so big so it needs something else..

Office. Downstairs by the bathroom..We have a desk, plus a desk for our computer. Also, the closet is my pantry.

I am working on a few more things for this room. I couldn't decide the theme I was going to go in here, but I finally decided that it was going to be MIZZOU. Pete is a HUGE HUGE fan, plus he played football all throughout high school, and almost played in college but changed his mind. I have a MU bulletin board I am working on and a few other things and it will be finished..the wreath is from my sister's business .

Dining Room! I haven't put anything on the walls in here either..I will get it done someday. I wasn't sure if I would like our table after we picked it out, but it is growing on me :)


Kitchen! Excuse the pot of chili we were making and the extra large MU magnet that Pete just can't get rid of yet!..someday...

Living Room. This couch was given to us, and we could not be more happy with it! It is so large, but so is the room so in this house, it works. Plus it was FREE.

We also cannot decide on an entertainment center, so for now it is a bookshelf on it's side. Owell. It works..

Hope you enjoyed viewing my home! I know it was more than Christmas decorations, but since we just moved it I needed to do that whole home anyways so why not now! Sorry this was so long!
Have a good day!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ahh the weekend!

Well it's the's what we have been doing!
Saturday I worked 7-1 and Pete worked 8-4:30. So when I got off I did alot of Christmas shopping, in the rain, it was nasty! Then when Pete got home we hung out for awhile and then got ready to go to his work Christmas party. My sister ended up coming into tonight because she didn't wanna drive in the nasty weather Sunday morning, so after the party we went over to my parent's and hung out with her for awhile because my parents were still at a Christmas party and Wyatt was asleep. Then we came home and went to bed..when I woke up it was SNOWING! YAY. I love snow, and Sundays! We got up and went to church, during the 10:30 service they did a recognition for all college graduates of I had to get up in front of everyone, which I hate!, but I did it! :) This was Wyatt's first time in the church nursery so my brother and I just had to go check on him before service started and he was just smiling and jumping around in his exerciser.

My sister sent me this when they were getting ready..SO cute! I love him so much it is insane. After Church we went to Jones Heritage Farms to eat lunch with Pete's family before his sister and her boyfriend Jake leave for a few days, since it is his first time in America she is taking him a few places! So fun! It is always so delicious! We went out to look at the chickens, but it was SO cold!


After we left brunch we went to my parents house to hangout with Wyatt a little bit. He had a very cute shirt..

He is so mad in this picture, but I just had to get a picture of his wasn't that good but owell! Then we went to the store because we wanted to make chili for dinner, so when we got home to unload the car I left the house door open because we had to make more than one trip. WELL when we got back inside, everything was unloaded and I was upstairs changing Pete was yelling for me to come downstairs..and nbd when I left the door open a BIRD flew in the house. It kept trying to fly out the windows..Pete was chasing it around and I was taking pictures and laughing!! He wouldn't let me take a picture of him though. HAHA. It finally flew out of the kitchen and totally missed the door and flew into the living room. I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. We shook the tree, checked under the couch. He wasn't anywhere. So we sit down and forget about it...I am looking at the tree and see something moving, yep, he was IN the tree. Luckily, there is a door right next to our tree, so I open it up and Pete shakes it really hard and he flies out..into the laundry room! HAHA. After about 5 minutes in there, we finally get him out the door. Needless to say, we had a funny Sunday afternoon surprise!!

There's the little guy FLYING through our kitchen!

Sitting on the window! Ha, nothing like this has ever happened to me, so you can tell it was really funny to me!!
The rest of the night we just made chili together and have been watching football!! Great Sunday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Tomorrow is my Christmas home tour!! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010


Well I said I was going to try to post...last Saturday and guess what...a week went by again. I feel like one of these days I will just have  Revelation of why i started this blog and will want to post more. I have so many posts that are drafts because they are topics I want to talk about and do not want to forget, so I start the post and haven't finished any of them. O well..someday.
So here is what went on in my life this week....
Monday I went to class and turned in my LAST paper ever for school. I am so excited I can not handle it! My husband has just been the most amazing guy to me lately so I came home and cleaned a little, did the laundry then cook a good dinner--Cajun pasta with chicken and broccoli, a side Cesar salad and bread(which I burnt) and had it waiting on him when he got home. It was so nice to sit down and talk about our days and not be rushed because I work Tuesday morning and have to go to bed so early..which Pete came up and layed down with me until I fell asleep then he always goes back downstairs for a while. Well it was fine except he also fell asleep, but woke up a hour later wide I wake up at 3:15, an hour before I am suppose to get up and go to work to him making noise downstairs. So I go down and see what he is doing...don't worry, he just remembered at 2 am that our Kohl's cash expired at midnight that we got when we bought Christmas presents on Thanksgiving so he was trying to still use 2AM!! Needless to say I tried to go back to sleep but it just wasn't happening. So I got up at 3:30 (Pete was in bed and asleep in those 15 minutes BTW) took a shower and got ready for work like it was 8am.
Tuesday--I was at work all day...5am-5pm, it was the worst day I have had in my 2 years of working there...enough said on that. Well the only good thing that did happen at work today was that my mom came by and surprised me with a was the Elf on the Shelf box, with the book and elf. I was so excited! The kids I babysit have one and I wanted to go get one so I would have it whenever we had children, I was afraid they wouldn't be around when I was having children..but my mom read my mind! She said, "I know this is a little premature in your relationship, but I didn't wanna pass it up!" So sweet, love her! So after work I met my bff Patty at Hobby Lobby so we could get the supplies to make our wreaths for the season, then we came back to my house to make them. It was alot harder than we thought, so I just finished mine today I  will post a picture soon. Anyways, in the mean time Pete got home and Patty left..Pete informed me he didn't eat lunch because he went to the bank and it took longer than expected..which means he had not ate all day. He also wanted to go to Kohl's and use our expired Kohl's cash, because he read online they will still accept it in stores., plus we had a few returns. We hopped in the car went to Kohl's had to spend $60 in Kohl's cash..they didn't have what Pete wanted so I had to get a few shirts, oh darn ;), when we checked out our total was only $58 so we had $2 left, we knew we weren't going to be using it in the next 24 hours so Pete tried to give it to the lady that checked us out, but she wasn't allowed to take it and suggested we go find someone in the store who was still shopping, that's what I did! There was on older couple close by and I gave it to was so cute because her response was \"why thank you so much,...except do we look like we are needy to you, is that why you picked us?" She was laughing, and just joking but it made me feel kind of embarrassed. We went and ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse because Pete was starving and went home and watched so recorded favorite show.
Wednesday-- I had big plans to finish making all of my Christmas presents and clean the house because Pete's sister got home from studying abroad in Australia for 6 months today. Well, I did none of that. I went to lunch with my friend Janice, then ended up stopping by my friend Ashley's, then my friend Erin came over and I went to sit with her while she ate lunch, and by the time I did all that and got home I barely had enough time to cook dinner. I thought I was going to be okay thought because I had this seasoning packet thing for a casserole, ended up I didn't have anything that I needed so Pete ended up making burgers when he got home and I made some green beans and sweet potato fries to go with. I felt like I wasted a day
Thursday-- Again, I worked from 5-5 then came home because Pete was off today and hung out with him for a bit because I was going out with all the girls to celebrate me being done with school. Got ready, we went to eat and all had a great time. I miss those girls, we did it big like the old times! It was much needed. But today, Friday, no one felt really well...I was driving last night so I had dropped everyone off and still had my friend Erin's car, her and Ashley came over at 8 am to my house, hung out downstairs, alone at my house then came and woke me up at 9:30 because they were hungry and wanted to go eat. It was funny because both Pete and I were sounds asleep, but they sat down on the floor and we all just talked about the night we had. I am so happy my friends are comfortable enough with my husband to come in our bedroom and chat while we are still half asleep. I am so blessed with my friends and family! We all got up, Pete went to work and Erin, Ashley, and I went to Sands Pancake house, a local diner. We ate, and by this time it was noon, so we went back to my house and watched a movie. They ended up sleeping and I worked on some Christmas presents that I did not get done on Wednesday. They left to go to work and I have been cleaning and doing things around the house since they left at 4. I was cleaning the office and thought I would sit down at the computer and check a few things..well here I am 30 minutes later still sitting here..I need to get up and finish what I started! Ha.

I know this post is going to be so long, and I am surprised your still reading, but I am really really going to try to be better about posting so I do not have to do this. Plus, the camera Pete won at work came in today, so hopefully I will start taking alot of pictures so I can have something interesting in my posts!! I think I am done now! Ashley, Pete's sister, is going to pick up her boyfriend that she met in Australia tonight, and they will be getting back around 9 and we are going to a late dinner. I  am so excited for her and to meet Jake! He is from Australia and coming to the states for the first time! It will so neat to talk to him!
Have a good night, thanks for sticking with me!

Friday, December 3, 2010

So Close!

Well once again i failed at posting for 7 days straight! O well, maybe sometime soon I will accomplish that!..ha. So I am so close to graduating college! Not until this week have i realized, omgosh next week is my LAST week of college ever. I cannot believe it! The bad news is I have a 10 page paper and a final that has to be done in the mean time! I literally cannot stay focused to write this paper for the life of me! I will start to sit down and do it then get distracting into doing something else like facebook, reading blogs, looking at house decorations, or even now posting a new post! I just can't seem to get it done! We have had the assignment since the second week of school and of course I wait until the last minute to do it. Luckily, so did the rest of the class, because it was suppose to be due today, but she pushed it back until Monday. Parts of me wish she would have left it so I could just have it over with! Pete made me sit down and work on it last night thankfully, and I got 5 of the 10 pages done. Tonight I am going to knock at least 2 more topics out, so hopefully at least 2 pages and then the rest will be a breeze..on Sunday! Ha! Anyways, that is what is going on in my life! Tomorrow my mom and I are going on the Christmas home tour in our town. Both tours, the city tour plus our church tour are on the same day. This year will be the first year for my mom and I to try to go to both! I will update you tomorrow..hopefully!
That's all I know here, Have a great Friday night!