Friday, December 3, 2010

So Close!

Well once again i failed at posting for 7 days straight! O well, maybe sometime soon I will accomplish that!..ha. So I am so close to graduating college! Not until this week have i realized, omgosh next week is my LAST week of college ever. I cannot believe it! The bad news is I have a 10 page paper and a final that has to be done in the mean time! I literally cannot stay focused to write this paper for the life of me! I will start to sit down and do it then get distracting into doing something else like facebook, reading blogs, looking at house decorations, or even now posting a new post! I just can't seem to get it done! We have had the assignment since the second week of school and of course I wait until the last minute to do it. Luckily, so did the rest of the class, because it was suppose to be due today, but she pushed it back until Monday. Parts of me wish she would have left it so I could just have it over with! Pete made me sit down and work on it last night thankfully, and I got 5 of the 10 pages done. Tonight I am going to knock at least 2 more topics out, so hopefully at least 2 pages and then the rest will be a breeze..on Sunday! Ha! Anyways, that is what is going on in my life! Tomorrow my mom and I are going on the Christmas home tour in our town. Both tours, the city tour plus our church tour are on the same day. This year will be the first year for my mom and I to try to go to both! I will update you tomorrow..hopefully!
That's all I know here, Have a great Friday night!

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