Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Working Out

Okay, so I know everyone has their famous working out post, so here is mine...
I only work on Tuesday's and Thursdays, therefore I weigh myself every Tuesday..let's just say this morning was not too pretty. Almost a year ago this time my dad and I started training for a half marathon (I cannot believe it has almost been a year!). I followed our training program like it was my life. Saturdays I would go out and run anywhere from 6-10 miles like it was nbd, and now..no way, I barely can run one! As a result, my body is totally out of "marathon shape" and it sucks! It is so upsetting that someone can work SO hard for something and then the instant that it is over not do what they did again. I almost feel like I need to be training for something in order to get my butt in gear. So I am determined to find an upcoming race so I can get back to the grind. Even if it is just a 5K. I know people say that as a girl gets older she loses her speed and can never get it back..I have been saying for the past year that I am going to train really hard and try to beat/get the time I ran my 5K in for soccer try-outs my freshman year. Sounds easy, except I ran it in 21 minutes and 4 seconds..yikes. HOW DID I DO THAT! So here I go on my hunt for a good race and workouts that will make me want to throw up be a challenge!
I will keep you updated of course!...Have a great day!
ps-- I am almost finished decorating my house for Christmas and I will do a little home tour so you can see where I live..even though we are not completely finished with the renovations..but honestly, is anyone ever finished! Ha!

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