Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nephew Love!

Yesterday I decided that I missed little Wyatt way too much. So I didn't really have anything going on so I drove up and St.Louis and hung out with my sister and Wyatt all day..and my tag along ;) We went out to lunch at California Pizza kitchen and it was delicious! Wyatt is getting to the age where he loves to hear himself talk. He just babbles and screams and babbles and screams. We think its cute, but the tables all around us probably do not think it is as cute! O well though, it is fun. ha ha. After we ate we just walked around the mall and hung out. Breaking news that I walked out of the mall without buying ONE THING! I couldn't believe myself! ha. I just wasn't in the mood to dig through clothes and try a million things on...o well. I am sure I will be up there soon enough and I will make up for it then. :) We had a good day, and I can't wait for next semester when I don't have any class and I can dedicate one day a week and go up with my mom and spend a day with them, it will be so fun!

Yesterday was also my father-in-law's birthday! Happy birthday Wes!!! We went over to their house after Pete got off work to eat dinner and hangout. It is always a good time catching up with family. Wes and my mother-in-law Janet recently started working from home for a company called going green promotions and they run a local website called iluvlocalplaces. You can check both sites out here!
Hope you guys have a fabulous Tuesday!
ps! I do not know what I did to the highlighting color but I can NOT get it to go away...I am an idiot, so you will have to deal with it for this post..sorry!

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