Monday, November 29, 2010

Better Late than Never!

Okay, so I am not use to this whole blogging thing..obviously since I haven not posted in over a week! Here is some random tidbits of what you missed in our lives in the past week..
  • Sikeston lost, it was SO SO sad. They totally should have won, and didn't...I cried at the end of the game. Ha.
  • We have watched a lot of football on TV lately..I am beginning to really love it, good thing because I really do not have a choice! ha.
  • I love everything about being a wife...the cooking, cleaning, laundry, decorating, bills, the whole nine yards..I know people say it will wear off, and I am sure it will, but right now I am really enjoying it.
  • I love waking up to Pete everyday, it just starts my day off so well. I just wake up and thank God for giving me such an amazing husband, I am so blessed
  • We had a very relaxed and enjoyable Thanksgiving. We went to my families for breakfast and lunch and then Pete's mom, step-dad and step- brothers came over to our house for dessert. I love the time just to sit around and catch up.
  • I made my first two pecan pies, both flopped! They tasted good, but never settled so they were very, very runny.
  • We set up our Christmas tree, but have yet to hang the ornaments..
  • Pete went a little black Friday shopping crazy online at Lowe's, when we went to pick up the order the workers thought we were nuts..but he did get a lot of good stuff! 
  • Pete also won a promotion at work..surprise surprise..;) and he got to pick two gifts out of a bunch of different we got a grill and a camera!! We have already got the grill and it took us like 3 hours to put it together! He is so excited to use it. My parents gave us an old grill that they had and my brother and dad fixed up for us and we are so thankful and used the heck out of it! So now we have two..not sure if we do enough grilling for both, but hey who doesn't need two grills..!! HA! I really want the camera to get is still a point-and-shoot, but a really good one..we went and looked at it at best buy before we got it. I like it though, until we have kids or another reason to get a really nice DSLR, I will be content with a point-and-shoot!
  • I am now just rambling, so I will quit writing now. and try to be better about posting everyday so you do not have to read all my rambling!!
Have a great night!

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