Saturday, November 13, 2010

Schedules Schedules Schedules

So now that Pete and I have been married a few weeks and we are more on some type of schedule, its HARD. Since I only work Tuesday's and Thursday's for 12 hours from 5am-5pm. Because of that I have to go to bed at least by 10:30 on Monday and Wednesday nights and when I get off work I am exhausted. On the other hand Pete normally works anywhere from 9:45-10:45am until 7:15pm. So by the time he gets home and we eat dinner, clean the kitchen and sit down it is 9 o'clock at night. Therefore, the days I work by 9pm, I am wiped out! I normally fall asleep on the couch by 9:30, but it is a good thing he doesn't mind! Plus, on Thursday nights I still am babysitting the Silliman kids. Which is so fun and I enjoy it so much. Babysitting is my stress reliever, which sounds so weird, but kids are my passion and being around those kids now that I have sat for them at least once a week and sometimes more for over two years they have become so special to me, and Pete as well now. I don't think I will stop watching them until I have kids of my own to take care of. I think about my babysitters when I was little and it makes me sad that I don't remember them that well, because I adore these kids and will they even remember me when they are older? I don't know that's another post in itself, but is hard to think about. Back to the point of this post, since our schedules are so different I miss Pete. I am use to when I am with him I am there to see him and focus only on him. Now that we live together it is hard to get anything done when we are both there because all we want to do is hangout and not leave each others sides because that is what we have been use to for the past year and a half. I know this will probably fade with time, but right now I don't care about anything else, its OK just to sit there and not accomplish anything because I want to be with him. Or at least I think it is okay. :) Anyways, this was kind of a useless post, but I want to document our schedules every once and awhile because I am sure with my job and his job our hours will be changing quite frequently, so it will be nice to look back on.

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