Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I recently made the big switch from Kodak Gallery to Shutterfly. My whole family used Kodak gallery so that is what I was use to. But, when we registered at Target for our wedding we got a packet with a whole bunch of coupons in it, and one of them was Shutterfly. I thought I would check it out because it was a $20 gift card! I had also just been complaining to a friend about how much it cost me to print all my pictures and she told me to check out Shutterfly because it was easy to use and always had great deals. So when I got the coupon and had many people tell me to check it out, that is what I did! What can I say, I fell in love! I printed over 200 pictures from our wedding and it only cost me 27 dollars with shipping! I knew I was going to use Shutterfly again. I cannot wait to use more options that shutterfly offers either, they have an option where you can turn any picture into a canvas wall art, check it out here. There is so many pictures from the wedding that I would love to turn into a canvas and it is so easy with Shuterfly! There is also a place to make photo calendars. My mom always use to do this when we were little for all our family members and I wanted to do the same thing from events from our year and give them to our families at Christmas, but I didn't know which site was going to be the best. It was an easy decision when I saw how easy it was going to be to make them off shutterfly. That way, all the pictures I had taken from throughout the year are already saved to my account and I can just pick the pictures I want right off the site. Check out there photo calendars here.  When I got on to read Ashley's blog and she had this post I was excited to write about my experience with Shutterfly! If you would like to receive 50 free Holiday card go here. Like I said I am very new to Shutterfly, but I love everything about the site! Enjoy, and thank you Shutterfly for such an awesome opportunity!

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