Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Water Bottle!

So I have been looking for a new water bottle for a while, you know the kind you can toss in the bottom of your huge purse and just go? Well, when my mom and I were in STL she found one, but forgot to tell me about it until we were in the car. Lucky for me, she had a dentist appt in STL on Tuesday and since I was sick she picked one up for me!

Except mine is orange! I love it..or I love the concept, because I haven't had a chance to use it yet. It is cool because it is plastic and as you drink it gets smaller and when it is empty you can just roll it up and tuck it away. It also is dishwasher safe, which is awesome, minus the fact that I do not have a dishwasher..someday!
My mom is going to kill me when she sees that but I couldn't resist! She sent me a picture that said get better soon here is a surprise (that is a picture of the water bottle if you can't tell, sorry it is small) and then she also sent me this picture.....
My little nephew telling me to get better too! He is getting so big, and handsome! :)

That's all I've got for today! Have a great day!

Weekly Update and the FLU!

Ok so this past week....and a half I had great intentions on posting, but I was busy everyday and everyday I would think..I really need to post and I wouldn't. So the next day I would think about posting about the past two days, and three days, and four days and then the hubs got sick, then I got sick. So here I am sitting up straight for the first time in 2 days writing about our whole week!
Monday--Ever since I was 10 my mom and my two aunts from her side would go shopping for my birthday. They also did this with my sister and my other girl cousin Aly. We are all still doing it today..My sister is 25, I am 22, and my cousin Aly will be turning 16 this year!! Now that I am not living at home it is so fun for me to have a day to hangout with my mom and just catch up. I feel like the only way we can do this really is if we get out of town because we both stay so busy here at home! We started the day with pedicures, then met my sister and Wyatt for lunch before heading to the mall! The whole day was great and I got a bunch of very cute clothes, which is the whole goal right? :)

Tuesday-- I worked 8am-8pm. That pretty much sums it up.
Wednesday--On Wednesday's I babysit a little girl all day, she is so fun and has the biggest personality I have ever seen in a two year old!! For example, When I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and I started naming all the cereal in the cabinet, when I said lucky charms, she shouts "lucky charms, that's what I'm talkin bout!" I almost died laughing. It is true, kids say the darnest things ( I sound like my motherr ;) ) Then normally I sit for my other family on Thursday night's but this week they needed me Wed, so I headed straight over there when I was finished for the rest of the evening.
Thursday--I worked 5am-5pm and Pete was off that day so when I got home we ran some errands and got a few things from the store and came home and made dinner and just caught up on some shows on our DVR!
Friday--Normally I am off Friday's, but I had a baby shower that I wanted to go to on Saturday so I asked a girl to switch me and therefore I worked all day Friday. Then after work I ran to target and got a gift for the shower and went to my hair appointment.. I got red put in my hair and I am going to have to say I am not use to it yet..hopefully it will wear on me, or fade whichever comes first! :) I also got some things to make so last minute Valentine's day decor....

When Pete got off work we went to eat at Fazoli's and went to see Just go with it with our friends Brad and Kristi.

 I'll admit when he described which movie it was, I was not excited at all. I did not think it was going to be very good, just a guy with a fake wedding ring, trying to get girls...but, I can honestly say it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! Pete and I have been on a movie kick lately, like 2 a week and this one tops them all! When we got in the car I was like man! I could watch that again!..Pete even agreed! I highly recommend it!!

Saturday--Pete woke up feeling horrible. I would have to say that Pete is a pretty tough guy and doesn't really complain too much..ever. So when he does I know he is really feeling bad. He can't really call into work so he toughed it out and headed off to work. I got ready for the baby shower and picked up a few things around the house before it was time to go. The shower was in a town about 45 minutes away so another girl from work, Shelby, who recently got engaged and asked me to be her matron of honor (!!!!), rode together, we had a lot of wedding deets to talk about anyways! :) Our conversation made the drive pass by quickly! The shower was so sweet and Maggie looked adorable! Her due date is April 8th and its a boy, Owen Daniel! I can't wait! :) When we got back to Cape I ran to the store and picked up so soup and cheese to make grilled cheese with for dinner since Pete was sick. We just hung out on the couch and watch TV.
Sunday--Pete woke up feeling better, but I let him sleep in until about 10am. and then we got up and I made breakfast and we went and ran a few errands. It was a really nice day outside so we decided to go to a few open houses for the fun of it and just look. Which was fun, we are always looking :). Then, we decided to head to Jackson and hangout with our parent's for a bit. We have to pass sonic to get to his mom's house, and lucky for me it was 3:32..happy hour! So we had to make a pit stop :). We hung out over there for a bit and then headed over to my parent's. They are training for a half marathon (GO THEM) and since they were in STL at my sisters all weekend, they didn't have a chance to do their long run until Sunday, so as Pete and I pull onto our street I see them running up the hill on their way home..from running 9 miles! SO proud of them, wish I was in that good of shape again! We hung out there for a bit, then headed home and grilled some chicken and green beans for dinner. What a relaxing Sunday!
Monday--on the other hand was not so relaxing, I work up at 4am sprinting for the toilet, or something to be sick in..and it last all. day. long. I have not been sick like that since I was a kid I do not think. Miserable! I layed in bed all day, I did not do one thing. And, I continued to lay there until about 2 on Tuesday and then got up, took a shower, and ate some soup. Then layed on the couch the rest of the day/ night. :) I am disappointed that I was sick over Valentines day. Not because Pete and I had big romantic plans, because neither one of us get too excited about Valentines day, but because we have had a joke going for a long time that I was going to get a Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza for v-day dinner and I couldn' I have to wait a whole year :( I told him what I was going to do though, he said he could wait a year ;) Thank goodness he is so understanding. HAHA!
Today, Wednesday, I am feeling way better and came to babysit today. C is taking a nap ;). I plan on running so errands when I get done here before I head home and start dinner. I feel like I have so much to do since I was sick the first 2 days of the week. I hate feeling behind. I am going to Columbia with 2 of my girlfriends this weekend for Pete's sister's 21 bday celebration. I am so excited to see all my friends up there, but sad at the same time because this is the first time Pete and I have been apart in a long time, plus he is off work...makes it hard to leave! Maybe he will actually get some things done around the house that he has really wanted to do since I won't be there to follow him around like a puppy dog! HA!
Well think that was long enough!??!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Packer's Win!!!

So Pete and I were rooting for the Packer's and they won!! yahoo. I do not get into football very much, but since I have been with Pete I have watched more sports that I had the whole 20 years of my life combined! I have learned so much more about all the sports, making it WAY more interesting. Nights like this though where we are with a large group of people it is hard to stay focused on the game instead of the conversation! We went over to our friend Brad and Kristi's and had a great time! There were 3 other couples there, which I would say is the "normal" group of friends. Love them all! ;)

Yesterday I went to a winery about 45 minutes from Cape to look at for my sister in law Emily's wedding. It was hands down the place for us! We (my mother in law, and other sister in law) fell in love! The chapel there on the winery grounds is exactly what she was looking for, the scenery, location, reception room, etc. All of it was amazing. I told Pete if we would have had a small wedding, hands down that is where I would want to go. It was amazing!! I can't wait for that day now and to show you pictures!!

Tomorrow I am going shopping with my aunts for my birthday in St. Louis. I am so excited, we have been doing this since I was 10 and it is such a special time with my aunts. It is always a relaxing day to catch up and just relax. My goal this year is to find a good pair of khaki pants so we will see!

Hope you all had a great Superbowl!
Good Night!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally Friday

It is finally Friday again! I love Fridays because my friend Ashley and Erin always come over and watch the bachelor because they both work on Mondays. Bad news is I can never make myself wait until Friday to watch it because it is just sitting in my DVR screaming "watch me, watch me!!" :) But it is still just as good as the second time :) Last night I was babysitting and slipped playing kickball and fell. I know it sounds dumb but I haven't fell flat on my face in a while..probably years and I have been reminded of it all day because my knee and elbow are very tender! ha!
My morning started out a little different that normal because I got my eye liner tattooed on!! I went with two others, who do not want to be named, and I went first! Not going to lie, I was a little nervous, but many people told me that it didn't hurt. Well they were right, it didn't hurt BUT it was SOOO uncomfortable. Seriously, during some parts I just wanted to scream! But looking at it now it is so worth it!

I know this picture looks slightly weird but I took it with my phone so I could send a picture to my dad and husband :) I can't wait to be able to put my whole face of make up on with it, mainly mascara, but I am excited about all! Plus I am excited to wake up in the morning and be semi ready to walk out the door! HA.

Tomorrow I am going to a winery about 45 minutes away to look at the location for my sister in law's wedding in July! I am so excited. She lives in New Mexico, so me and Pete's other sister are going to be her eyes!

Have a great night!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Shifts

So yesterday I started my new shift at work..instead of working two 5am-5pm shifts I starting working one 8am-8pm and still 5a-5p on Thursdays because I babysit that night. Let me tell you 8a-8p is DEFIANTLY A CHANGE and HARD for me to do. I have not had to work until 8pm in a few years so it is going to be an adjustment, but I am willing to make it if it means I am able to stay awake long enough to carry one a full conversation with my husband! Today I babysat all day and then went to get my hair cut trimmed! I have been saying that I wanted to grow my hair out for years, and since the wedding I have let it keep growing and it is getting so long (for me). I was debating cutting bangs straight across today because I am getting so bored with it, but I decide that it would not be a good idea for me considering I wear my hair up 5 out of the 7 days!! But I did decide that I wanted to add some red into it next week! ekk!

That's all I have for now, hope you all had a great day!