Sunday, February 6, 2011

Packer's Win!!!

So Pete and I were rooting for the Packer's and they won!! yahoo. I do not get into football very much, but since I have been with Pete I have watched more sports that I had the whole 20 years of my life combined! I have learned so much more about all the sports, making it WAY more interesting. Nights like this though where we are with a large group of people it is hard to stay focused on the game instead of the conversation! We went over to our friend Brad and Kristi's and had a great time! There were 3 other couples there, which I would say is the "normal" group of friends. Love them all! ;)

Yesterday I went to a winery about 45 minutes from Cape to look at for my sister in law Emily's wedding. It was hands down the place for us! We (my mother in law, and other sister in law) fell in love! The chapel there on the winery grounds is exactly what she was looking for, the scenery, location, reception room, etc. All of it was amazing. I told Pete if we would have had a small wedding, hands down that is where I would want to go. It was amazing!! I can't wait for that day now and to show you pictures!!

Tomorrow I am going shopping with my aunts for my birthday in St. Louis. I am so excited, we have been doing this since I was 10 and it is such a special time with my aunts. It is always a relaxing day to catch up and just relax. My goal this year is to find a good pair of khaki pants so we will see!

Hope you all had a great Superbowl!
Good Night!

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