Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sikeston is going to the Quater-Finals!

Well Sikeston won!! 40-0! It was a blow out! I rode down to Sikeston with my friend Patty, who is Seth, the coaches wife. Since Pete and I have started dating Patty and I have became really really close. She is such an awesome person and I am so happy for how good of friends we have become in such a short time. Her birthday was yesterday. WooHoo. Shout out to Patty ;) I took my camera to the game to get some good pictures of the game and I go to turn it on and its dead. I haven't used it in so long. I guess I should have checked that before we went to the game. HA. Owell I got some on my phone but they are not good quality at all! Enjoy!

This was the band playing before the game started.


All the students lined up waiting for the players to run out!

I know it is reallllly blurry but all the players were rushing the field

Here is Patty and I freezing at the game, but it was worth it!!

The team plays again on Saturday, then if they win they play the next Saturday, THEN if they win that, they play at STATE in St. Louis the Saturday after Thanksgiving! WOOHOO Go Bulldogs!

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