Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ahh the weekend!

Well it's the's what we have been doing!
Saturday I worked 7-1 and Pete worked 8-4:30. So when I got off I did alot of Christmas shopping, in the rain, it was nasty! Then when Pete got home we hung out for awhile and then got ready to go to his work Christmas party. My sister ended up coming into tonight because she didn't wanna drive in the nasty weather Sunday morning, so after the party we went over to my parent's and hung out with her for awhile because my parents were still at a Christmas party and Wyatt was asleep. Then we came home and went to bed..when I woke up it was SNOWING! YAY. I love snow, and Sundays! We got up and went to church, during the 10:30 service they did a recognition for all college graduates of I had to get up in front of everyone, which I hate!, but I did it! :) This was Wyatt's first time in the church nursery so my brother and I just had to go check on him before service started and he was just smiling and jumping around in his exerciser.

My sister sent me this when they were getting ready..SO cute! I love him so much it is insane. After Church we went to Jones Heritage Farms to eat lunch with Pete's family before his sister and her boyfriend Jake leave for a few days, since it is his first time in America she is taking him a few places! So fun! It is always so delicious! We went out to look at the chickens, but it was SO cold!


After we left brunch we went to my parents house to hangout with Wyatt a little bit. He had a very cute shirt..

He is so mad in this picture, but I just had to get a picture of his wasn't that good but owell! Then we went to the store because we wanted to make chili for dinner, so when we got home to unload the car I left the house door open because we had to make more than one trip. WELL when we got back inside, everything was unloaded and I was upstairs changing Pete was yelling for me to come downstairs..and nbd when I left the door open a BIRD flew in the house. It kept trying to fly out the windows..Pete was chasing it around and I was taking pictures and laughing!! He wouldn't let me take a picture of him though. HAHA. It finally flew out of the kitchen and totally missed the door and flew into the living room. I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. We shook the tree, checked under the couch. He wasn't anywhere. So we sit down and forget about it...I am looking at the tree and see something moving, yep, he was IN the tree. Luckily, there is a door right next to our tree, so I open it up and Pete shakes it really hard and he flies out..into the laundry room! HAHA. After about 5 minutes in there, we finally get him out the door. Needless to say, we had a funny Sunday afternoon surprise!!

There's the little guy FLYING through our kitchen!

Sitting on the window! Ha, nothing like this has ever happened to me, so you can tell it was really funny to me!!
The rest of the night we just made chili together and have been watching football!! Great Sunday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Tomorrow is my Christmas home tour!! :)

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