Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oh, blogging

Well, I am 4.5 months in as a mother of two and I just now feel like I have my head on straight. Man, the adjustment to two kids for us was extremely hard! Maybe it was because when we had Zetta our life really didn't change that much! She was an extremely easy baby from the start! Slept great, ate great, and we still went and did everything we would normally do, we just brought her along! Restaurants, stores, etc. She was just easy! With two, that is just not really possible. Plus, Pete and I were spoiled and still both got quite a bit of alone time, separate and together. With two, both of us are busy, the whole entire day, and that was a huge change! But, at 4 months, I think we both kind of got it figured out and we are doing much better! I think we will wait a little bit long before we have another one though! Ha! I officially went back to work after 5 weeks, but I never really took a full maternity leave, it just wasn't worth teaching someone else how to do parts of my job for such a short time. I still did all the billing, payroll, scheduling, etc, but I just didn't physically go into work. As far as childcare goes, I have the best boss ever, and he lets me bring Nora to work with me right now. So, I bring Nora with me on Monday's and Tuesday's, I am off on Wednesday's, my mom watches the girls on Thursday, my mother in law does Friday's, and Pete does Saturday's! Then for Zetta, my good friend Erin watches her Monday's, Pete is a champ and takes her to work with him on Tuesday's, then she is the same as Nora the rest of the week. Whew!!! It get's pretty crazy when someone is out of town, or has other obligations, but we are super thankful and lucky that we have not had to send the girls to childcare yet!! I am working on Nora's birth story so that will be coming soon! Stay tuned, now that I have my act together, I should be posting more often! Hopefully!!


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