Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome to the world Nora Katherine

Daddy with his new baby girl

Getting all checked out

Cousin's headed in to see baby Nora

Nora Katherine Ressler//Born 2:25pm//8pounds 14 ounces//20.5 inches long. My heart is so full

Me with my two precious babies

First family photo

Sister's and cousin's. Those girls are going to be the best of friends.

Proud Eesie and Poppie

Be still my heart!

Is that a baby doll? ;)

Proud Aunt Em

Cousin Wyatt checking it all out. He's going to be the sweetest cousin with all these girls around.

Haha. This was the second day. Zetta was ready to have her parent's home. Sweet girl.

She was worn out!

Heading home!

Can't forget about the girl who made me a mama!

Nora's birth story:
We knew we were going to be getting induced early due to the fact that I have large babies! We headed to the hospital when the clock struck midnight on Monday the 24th. Actually, funny story, we were suppose to be there at midnight, but Pete and I both fell asleep on the couch and woke up about 1am. We scurried around, packed our bags, I ate a sandwich because I knew what was about to come, and then we took off! We live about 3 minutes from the hospital so we got there quick. The check in nurse was so slow, but we finally got checked in and I got hooked up and going about 2 am. We slept on and off until the nurses switched out at 7am. Then, after being bothered every hour all night we decided to just wake up for the day. I went into the hospital dilated to 4cm, but really hadn't progressed much since. Around 10am I really started to feel my contractions, so I went ahead with the epidural. That whole process went smooth, and I tried to take a nap after that. I really started to feel all of my contractions again, so they had the  anesthesiologist come back. She gave me a few different things (honestly, I can't remember what, but it made the pain go away so I didn't care.) and I was ready to go. I could tell when she was in there that my contractions were getting pretty close and painful, and I was scared she was going to numb me too much, then I wouldn't be able to feel when to push. So, while she was getting it all straighten out, when a contraction would come I would just kind of do a little push while I was sitting there. I guess I shouldn't have been doing that though, because the next time the nurse came in, she checked me and I was at a 10. She was like wow, let's have this baby. I got all up and organized  (if you know what I mean) and she wanted me to do a practice push before we started actually pushing. Well, I did one practice push and she made me get out of the stirups and call Dr. Cugini! I couldn't believe I was that close! All those little pushes did more than I thought! Dr. Cugini got there and I did two pushes for her and then we heard that beautiful cry! I could not believe it! I pushed for over two hours with Zetta, so I was expecting it to be a long process again! Praise God it was not! Easiest birth ever and thankful our little girl was here!! My family was in the waiting room, but we told Pete's family that I was going to start pushing so they had about 2 hours before family could come in probably, so they were back at work (15 minutes away) but were there pretty quick. For some reason we didn't get any pictures of them with Nora at the hospital. Kind of bummed about that!! Anyway, Nora is here and doing great, we couldn't be more thankful!

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