Friday, August 29, 2014

Tara's getting married!

One of my very best friends, Tara is getting married the first weekend of September! We went to school together all our lives and have been good friends since middle school. She is one of most loyal and loving friends that a girl can have! She is always there no matter what, and I couldn't wait to celebrate with her last weekend! We all met and loaded up Saturday morning and headed to Nashville! We pulled in about lunch time, checked in at our hotel and took off walking! We grabbed some lunch, they just walked in and out of stores for a little while. A couple of the girls bought new boots (because we actually live in a town where people wear boots on a daily basis, not just to look cute ;)), and then we headed back to the hotel to do the lingerie part-ay and get ready for a fun filled night!


My room of girls!

We all got these little drink cling stickers, they made for a good time!

Some of my absolute favorite girls, ever! 
 It was a fun evening! We did have an eventful trip home, with my car over heating and then getting pulled over, because I called Pete to let him know we were back on the road and apparently there is a strict law against being on the phone while driving in Illinois. luckily, the lady cop was extremely sweet and let us off with a warning because we didn't know and she didn't want to ruin our weekend! Thank you lady cop!!!!!

I was more than ready to get home to these two sweet babes though! I am so thankful for my awesome husband that watches the girls without question so I can have some time with friends!! Such a great time with great friends!

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