Monday, August 11, 2014

Lazy L Safari

Saturday morning we decided to load up and go to Lazy L Safari. We have never been before so we thought,why not!! Zetta has been all about animals lately so we wanted to get a bag of feed so she could feed the animals, too. Luckily, 2 and under is free, so it was only $14 for Pete and I. We had a coupon for a free bag of feed that you can print here if you are planning on going anytime before September 1st. They also have these little popsicle sticks with bird seed on them for the parakeet jungle, so we got one of those too. Once we were all checked in, the petting zoo of goats is first up. Those little guys are just begging for food! Zetta and Pete went in and played with them, but I didn't get a picture! Surprisingly, she wasn't too scared! 

The deer were pretty crazy. I mean, I know they are not wild deer and have been caged and fed since birth, but it's still wild to feed a deer and see them so close.  

Zetta,checking out the alligator's! She kept patting her knee saying "come here, come here!" 

There were birds just roosting everywhere. It was a pretty cloudy morning, as you can see in this picture. 

I think there were random deer and goats in just about every cage.  

Pot belly pigs! It had been raining the few days prior to when we went so parts were pretty muddy. I didn't really think about it before we left, but closed toed shoes are a must! Rocks, mud, and sandals do not mix well! 

Is that not the biggest porcupine you have ever seen!? It reminds me of the movie homeward bound!

I didn't get a picture of everything, but there was quite a few other things to see. I think the whole park took us about an hour to go through. Thankfully I wore Nora the whole time, because it  does not have very stroller friendly walkways. The parakeet's weren't feeling the sticks of food so I forgot to get a picture. Too early in the morning I guess! It was neat to be able to get into the cage with them though!
Overall, it was a neat, local place to go. We will definitely be going again next year!! 

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