Sunday, October 31, 2010

We did it!

Well, we did it, we got married!!! FINALLY! Everything went perfect, the whole day went without a flaw..minus Pete's pants being 3 inches too short..haha! I could not have asked for better weather, family, or friends...or husband!
The day started out at 7:30 when I woke up freaking out because I could not remember where I put Pete's ring the night before...I was frantically sister ended up coming out of the room she was sleeping in because she heard all the noise and told me it was in there from when I held Wyatt(my nephew) the day responsible, but it so easy to get distracted when you see his cute face!
8:30 Hair appointment with sister--loved it btw.
Had a few minutes to spare so we went home, to my parents and packed our bags for the day and rest of the night.
12 noon- we arrived that the church with all the girls to do hair,make-up, etc.
2:30- the photographer came in the room and did shots of the dress, getting ready, accessories, etc.
3:00- pictures started..we did all the pictures we could do before the wedding without Pete and I seeing each other.
4:00- Wedding begins!
4:50- More pictures
6:00- Reception starts..let the fun begin!
 Ray's of Kelso did the catering and it was delicious, I couldn't have asked for better food to suite the two of us...even though we didn't even get a full plate before we got pulled to our next task, but that is okay it was totally worth it!
Pete and I barely talked the whole night because we were so busy walking around saying hello and thank-you to all our guest. After the night was over(10:45) we headed to the car and left everyone else to clean up..which was nice for a change..haha. We stayed the night at a local hotel with a KING size bed and loved every minute of just being together finally. I don't really think it hit either one of us that night that we were actually married because we were both so tired, and I was too concerned getting my HUGE hair knot untangled!! We woke up semi-early the next morning, packed up and headed down to the lobby to get a few things of mine from my parent's and give them my dress....oh, and also get a squeeze or two on Wyatt..who was wearing his MU outfit, made Uncle Pete pretttty proud!
The whole next week we hung out at home and got somethings done around the house....another post on that tomorrow, this is getting too long!


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