Monday, October 3, 2011

One year later....

Well, hello!
So this whole blogging the first year of marriage didn't really workout! I am determined this year to keep this darn thing up to date! I still have been reading blogs, just not posting on my own! Yesterday I worked all day and I was on pinterest ALL DAY. It is such an inspiring website. I have never been on it from a computer, only my phone so I never really got all that into it to be honest, but now that I got so familiar with it from a computer, I am in LOVE. Besides me being obsessed over a website, let me tell you what else has been going on in our lives!
*we moved out of our first home (which we currently rent out to a group of college boys) and into the home we were renovating. That house sold, and we are moving out next week...into my parents basement. I am excited, but equally as nervous. I am excited because we successfully flipped and sold another house. I am also excited to start the process all over again. There are days that I think why did I agree to all this moving, but every other day I am happy with it and love what we do. This time I packed very strategically and only unpacked the things that we needed, so it is way easier this time than the past two.(my husband sold another house a few months before we got married, so I helped him pack and move then as well.) I am definitely learning how to live simply and always being reminded that things are only things. I am very thankful that both of our parents live here, so we are lucky enough to have a place to stay during the transition stage of flipping, but I am nervous about moving in with my parents. Pete and I really like to have our "own space", so this will definitely be an adjustment for the both of us, but it will be fun for my family to really get to know Pete and his personality that I love so much.
*I am going to be an aunt again..They hopefully find out next week what the little squirt is going to be. I am super stoked, and pulling for a little girl :).
*I have learned that every piece of advice people give you on marriage really does come in handy. Even though when they give it to you, you think in your head, "yeah right, that doesn't pertain to us", it really does. Marriage is so fun. I am really happy that we waited until we were married before we lived together, it has been exciting, and a challenge at times, but looking back, I wouldn't want it any other way. ( I do not mean to offend anyone by saying that, personal choice.)
*I have really learned who my true friends are in the past year of my life. I don't mean this in a negative way at all, but marriage has really changed me and like I said above, you really don't think things are going to change until you are there and they do. Plus, most of my friends are graduated college now and we are all in a different stage of life than we were a year ago, I have made some really close friendships with people who I never thought would be someone I would confide in so much.
*All in all, I am really happy where we are in our life right now. God is so good and his blessings amaze me everyday! I am excited to see where he takes us in the next year of our lives!


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