Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SEMO district Fair

 You know its the beginning of fall when certain things happen..football, pumpkin spice latte's, and the SEMO district fair!!! Every year my whole childhood we rode in the fair parade as a family for our family business. It is held the first day of the fair, and those are some of the best memories from growing up. This year they moved the parade to Saturday morning instead of Monday afternoon and we couldn't make it because of the wedding! I was really bummed, but there is always next year! Sunday afternoon we headed out to fair grounds! It was perfect weather so we thought we might as well go when it's not going to be too crowded! We did it all...rides (well, one ride because Zetta was NOT a fan!), funnel cakes, fair potatoes, went to see the animals, etc! You name it we did it! It was such a fun afternoon with my little family!! It's not even out of town yet and I can't wait for next year! I know it is going to get more and more fun each year as the girls get older, and I cannot wait! Next year we are going to have two little toddler's running around wanting to ride everything. Kid's make everything more fun..or at least more interesting! :)

Nora and I were getting a bit sweaty waiting on Daddy and sister looking at the animals! Plus, what else is there to do while you wait except take a selfie?!
Notice the sticker on Zetta's back from church! She will NOT take that thing off! She gets them at school also, and we usually have to transfer it to the back of her pj's and take it off once she goes to sleep! Crazy girl!

She finally gave up on me! 
See ya next year, SEMO fair!!

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