Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back into the swing of things!

I feel like I am going to be confused of what day it is for at least a week! Starting Thursday my days became a blur. One of my mom's best friends and her son, daughter, and 3 of the girls best friends are in Florida this week. They live in Columbia, MO so they headed down last Thursday afternoon and got here just in time for dinner. They wanted to go to Tractors, I feel like anyone who use to live in Jackson, when they come back to visit, it is a given that Tractors will be their restaurant of choice! It doesn't bother me one bit! :) After dinner we all just sat around and caught up. Three of their 4 children are in college in other states so it was nice to see their son Taylor, it has been awhile! They all got up and on the road by 5 on Friday morning! Because I am my mom's "assistant", my job gets a lot more important when she is out of town. When I got up I worked for a few hours and then headed to Cape to have coffee with one of my friends who is due 1 day after me :)! Then headed over to my friend Shelby's house, who I use to work with at Healthpoint. She quit a few weeks after me because she had her little cutie, Tristan! He is 3 months now and couldn't be any cuter! By the time I finished all my visits, Pete was off work and working on our house so I headed over there and then we went and met my dad for dinner at bww bc he had a gift card someone had given him for his birthday! I was worn out and headed home and called it a night!

Saturday, I honestly did not do much, at all! Helped my dad in the yard for a few hours and then layed out the rest of the day! One of my best friends Lauren was in town(she lives in NYC!) so she came over and got a few hours of sun with me! It was so nice to catch up in person and not over the phone! That night Pete and I went to dinner with some of our favorites, Eric and Megan-we always have a good time!

Sunday, Pete and I ran around like crazy people getting all our supplies for workday Monday then headed over to our friends Brad and Kristi's for a bbq. I feel like we all haven't hung out since our trip to Texas in March. It was good to catch up!! Monday we had a crew come over and work on the house and we got soo much accomplished! Thank you soo much to my Uncle Lee, Aunt Terri, my dad, Pete's parents and his friend Caleb for spending their day off helping us! We appreciate it SO much! Just a few more finishing touches and hopefully it will be ready for us to move in!!!
That wraps up my super long, busy weekend. You could see now why I lost track off all my days, ha ha. I knew that I was horrible at taking pictures, but this post proves that even more! Ugh, maybe one day! I am working on it! I need to get back to work-the boss is out all week, which means less play time for me! ;)

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