Wednesday, May 30, 2012

16 Weeks!

How far along? 16 weeks!

Size of the baby? An Avocado (4-5 inches, 3-5 oz)

Maternity Clothes? I haven't really bought any maternity clothes, my mom has bought me a few shirts but seriously, I have no pants that fit, so I haven't gotten any use out of the shirts. I need to go get a few pair of shorts, I think I will be more comfortable..

Weight Gain:  I honestly don't really know my exact start weight, I go to the doctor on Thursday and I am going to ask. I don't really want to know. I feel like as long as I am healthy and eating good, the number doesn't matter, but I have always felt this way, so whatever. :)

Stretch Marks? None! I really hope it stays this way but, I am horrible about putting lotion on in general so it will probably be my own fault!

Gender? We obviously DO NOT care, we just want a healthy baby! I have thought the whole time though that it will be a boy but, as we get closer and closer to our ultrasound I am starting to have this gut feeling that we are going to be in for a sweet surprise in a few weeks!

Movement? I don't really know what it feels like, but I am almost positive I felt a little flutter the other night. :)

Sleep? This has honestly been my biggest struggle so far. I LOVE my sleep and ever since I have been pregnant, it has been horrible! The first 12 weeks or so I honestly felt like my brain was awake the whole time. I never woke up feeling rested. I use to be such a heavy sleeper that I just got so frustrated with the fact that I was awake for hours at a time in the middle of the night. It has gotten a much better in the past month, praise the Lord. I am sure everyone around me is just as happy as I am! :)

Food Cravings? I don't feel like I am craving anything in particular, I am just hungry all the time so everything sounds good...oh well.

What I miss: I told Pete the only thing I miss that I can't have is a shrimp Caesar salad from Outback! It is so good!

Symptoms: I really have gotten lucky with this. At the beginning I was nauseous at night, but was never really "sick" and that has gone away for the most part. I have had a constant headache for at least a week now and it gets really bad at night. Sometimes it wakes me up it is so bad. My MIL got me some headache reliever stuff to rub on my head and that has worked a little bit.

Best Moment of the Week: We are excited for our doctors appointment on Thursday because we get to schedule our next ultrasound, and fingers crossed we will be able to find out the gender!!! Yahoo!


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