Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

So a lot has happened since the last blog post! I have been back and forth if I should delete my blog or not, simply because I never update. Since we are having a baby in November :), moving into a new house, both starting new careers (hopefully-more on that when it is official) in the next year I thought I should keep the blog. I am thinking that once I have a child I will blog more...shouldn't it be the opposite? haha, o well. Another main decision factor was that one of Pete's sisters lives in New Mexico and the other one is getting ready to move to Australia and my best friend lives in New York City, I feel like this blog will be a perfect way for everyone far away to stay in contact with us..the main reason why most people have blogs...:)
Like I said above, which most of my readers are personal family or friends so they know the news already but, we are having a baby in November! We are beyond excited!! I will do a separate post about how we found it, it was as crazy of a story as it should being us! ha. Now that I feel like I am showing a little bit, I will start doing weekly belly post and all that jazz also, so get ready!

Hope you all have a fabulous hump day!

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