Thursday, May 24, 2012

The big news

This post might be a little TMI and a little long for some people so don't say that I didn't warn you :)

I'll just go ahead and start from the beginning to make this story less confusing. Pete and I had not really talked about when we wanted to have kids when we were dating/engaged. It just wasn't one of the conversations that ever came up or matter until later. Though, once we were married, I feel like it was one of the first things we talked about. My sister had just had our nephew Wyatt a few months before that and I don't think either one of us thought we could have so much love for a kid that wasn't even ours. With that being said, we decided that we were just not going to prevent, and when God wanted to bless us with a child then he would do so! A year and 4 months later, with a few months of heartache inbetween, we found out we were pregnant! Our "months" would range anywhere from 29-64 days so it was definitely more of a challenge than either one of us thought it would ever be. Because of that, I never really knew when I was "late" enough to take a test. My last cycle started on January 5th(again, TMI!) so by that, I thought "late" would be middle of February, I took a test and it was negative. I didn't think much about it and went on with my life. A week went by and still nothing, so I took another test, negative. We were going to a wedding in Texas the weekend of St. Patrick's Day and we were carpooling with 3 other couples, I wanted to make sure before we left that I wasn't, so that I knew if it was safe to have a few drinks at the wedding or not. I took another test the week before we left, negative. For some reason I just did not believe the test, so I made a doctor appointment Thursday afternoon, right before we left town. She drew my blood and told me to call Friday morning sometime for the results. We left for the trip, got to Tunica for the night and I called first thing Friday morning before we got in the van with 6 other people, and of course they did not have the results in yet, but were happy to call as soon as they got them. At this point, I was thinking fabulous, just my luck, she is going to call me when we are in the car with everyone else. Which that wasn't a huge deal for me because the friends that we were with are some of our closest friends and they would be the first to know anyways, but it is just not how you imagine you will be finding out you are going to be having a child!!
*Quick side story*
--Pete had applied for a job within AT&T located in St.Louis and he got the position, but we were back and forth if it was worth us moving or not, and he had to let them know Friday around noon. So, at the hotel Thursday night, Pete and I were walking back to our room and I said tomorrow could be a big day for us, we are going to decide if we are moving or not(nothing like last minute decision makers, ha ha.) and if we are having a kid! He said to me, we are not having a kid, you took 3 test and they were all negative, I don't think those things are that wrong. :)--
Back in the van and about 11:00am my phone rings, it is the doctor. I sit up, look back at Patty, one of my best friends who was in the car that knew what was going on with a straight, blank face. Answer the phone, and the nurse says, in the most calm, happy voice, "hey Erin, I just wanted to let you know that we got your blood work in and the results were positive, so congrats!" I just looked at Patty and I am sure my face was priceless, I just said "okay, thanks a lot, that was kind of unexpected, but thank you so much!" When I got off the phone I just kind of sat there for a minute and then tapped Pete on the shoulder because he was in the seat in front of me and was like, uh that was the doctor, and I'm pregnant!! At this point, all the girls had figured out what was happening, we were all in the back of the van, so we all talked about it and celebrated together! :) Funny though, I bet us girls talked about it for at least 30 minutes and multiples times throughout the rest of the trip and some how, NONE of the boys listened close enough to figure it out. It just proves that boys really do tune us o.u.t.!!! ;)
Pete and I could not have been more excited no matter how we found out! I didn't even think about the job in St. Louis until Saturday night sometime, and I looked at Pete and said "crap, we forgot to decide on the job!" He told me that he went ahead and called and told them no because he thought finding out we were going to be parents was a big enough sign that it was not worth moving away from family! What a smart man! ;) The doctor had no clue how far along I was and wanted me to come back in for more blood work, so the Monday we got back in town I went in right away and they said I was right at 7 weeks! A few days later we left to go to Pete's rewards trip in Miami and we were both still in awe talking and thinking about it the whole trip.
It is CRAZY how much everything is in God's timing, this was just one more example to us that he is in total control! We are now 15 weeks along, and everything is going so smoothly! We heard the precious little heartbeat this morning and it was in the 150 range! We will hopefully find out the gender sometime in the middle of June!! We  I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that is a crazy story of how we found out we were expecting, sorry it was so wordy, but I wanted to make sure I had every detail written down!


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