Tuesday, June 12, 2012

18 Weeks!

How far along? 18 weeks!

Size of the baby? According to my "what to expect" app, it is still a sweet potato (5.5 inches, 5 oz), I am sure that will change in the middle of this week sometime. Who knows. Although, baby center says that it is about as long as a bell pepper and around 7 ounces.

Food Cravings? Honestly, nothing?

What I miss: This week I am back to a Cesar salad. I guess I am going to have to make some homemade dressing instead of just going without. 

Stretch Marks? None! I really hope it stays this way but, I am horrible about putting lotion on in general so it will probably be my own fault!

Maternity Clothes?Old Navy was having an online sale one day last week so I ordered a few dresses. I guess I just thought since I know I am going to get bigger, I should order a size up. Well, not the case if I am ordering from the maternity section instead of the regular section..learn this the hard way. Bummer.

Gender? We obviously DO NOT care, we just want a healthy baby! I have thought the whole time though that it will be a boy but, as we get closer and closer to our ultrasound I am starting to have this gut feeling that we are going to be in for a sweet surprise! Our ultrasound is on Thursday, but we are waiting to find out with everyone else on Saturday! Eeek! 

Movement? I am for sure feeling the little thing moving in there at least once a day. I am excited for it to get stronger, I can't wait for Pete to feel it. :) I also felt the baby from the outside one day this week! I just felt a big movement right when I woke up so I grabbed my belly and it felt like there was a rock in there! I instantly text my sister and asked her if this was even possible at 171/2 weeks. She said it for sure was, but by the time I realized what had happened it had moved and I didn't get enough time to wake up Pete for him to feel it. I am anxiously waiting for it to happen again!

Weight Gain:  +12. I go to the doctor this week so we will see if I have gained anymore...

Sleep? I invested in a body pillow yesterday, and I am not going to lie, it helped me sleep like a rock! I haven't slept that soundly since I have been pregnant! I guess because my body is all pushed up evenly instead of just my belly and leg. It helps so much!

Symptoms: Nothing to much, I have been more tired this week than I have the past few weeks, but we are also trying to start moving into our house and I am working more so I;m sure that has something to do with it.

Best Moment of the Week: We have our ultrasound on Thursday and our gender reveal party on Saturday! WooHoo!!! To say I am excited is an understatement. It is crazy to me that we are almost halfway. Times flies!!


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  1. I love that dress. You look so wonderful. :)