Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's been going on!

Well, a lot has happened in the past month of our lives!
  • Both of Pete's sisters were here most of the month of June. It was a blast having them around all the time and it was sad to see them go! His sister Ashley, moved to Australia(!) and his other sister went to Wyoming to write another book of hikes with her husband before she heads back to New Mexico.(Such a fun life!!) 
  • The boys that lived in our rental house have moved out, so Pete is trying to get that house cleaned up and move in ready so we can get another group of renters before the school year starts!
  • Speaking of Pete, he quit his job! This was a big decision for us and we discussed it a lot before we decided to make such a life change. We are super thankful that he has such a great job for the past few years financially, but it was just an emotional and mentally draining job with long, hard hours. I did not want us to have schedule we had with that job, when we have the baby. Pete would miss out on so much of our child's life, and neither one of us wanted that. I have said that I will get another job with insurance/benefits in order for our schedule to become more flexible. Plus, when the baby comes I have always wanted to work part-time. I think it is good for a child be to around other kids even when they are small. I also, selfishly, need social interaction and conversation that is not all about kids. I don't want that to sound like I am not going to love my child or raise my child myself, but a few days a week, it is healthy for both of us to be apart. Pete has not worked there for a few weeks now, and our life is already so much more enjoyable. You don't realize how draining a job is, until you aren't there anymore. He can come to all my family functions now, we can go to dinner with friends, etc. Don't get me wrong, financially, this is a HUGE change for us, but totally worth it.
  • I booked another wedding! I am so thankful that I have got the opportunity to pursue my passion without having a full-blown business. It is a lot of work, but so fun!
  • I suck at taking pictures, that's all there is to it. I feel like I can't and don't blog about what is going on because I don't have any pictures and words are boringggggg. I am going to New York next week and I am determined to be better about this!!
  • I do have a few pictures of my belly though! Plus, we found out that we are having a baby girl!! We found out at our ultrasound on a Thursday and then we had the tech write it down in an envelope and I took it to the lady who made a cupcake with the middle filled with the special color and cookies for the party! We did not find out until Saturday, when we had a gender reveal party..with no pictures(gah)
  • This is 20 weeks..

                                                 This is 21 weeks! Hard to tell in the black shirt, sorry!

    My unfinished kitchen!! AH
                                            These are the only pictures I have of the party, and my sister is who took them! I am determined to be better! Why have a big party if I never even document it?!!

  • On the topic of pregnancy, we obviously had our ultrasound and it all went well! Everything is growing right on track. Baby girl is kicking like crazy!! It is strong enough now, that Pete can feel it and if you are patient enough, you can see it on the outside. Quite amazing!!! Something that is not amazing is that I found a stretch mark. GRR, I am so angry! Although it is my fault, because I give swim lessons 2x a week and don't put lotion on after. My skin is visibly dry, so I knew it was bound to happen. I am going to be better about it from here on out!
  • Last but not least, we moved into our house!!! We still do not have a kitchen, because we are missing one of the bottom cabinets, but I am being very patient! It has only been 12 weeks, I don't know why I am getting an attitude about it.;) But, my dear husband keeps telling me that having an attitude and letting it effect me isn't going to resolve the problem, so I am staying calm! Thank goodness I have him around, my life is way less stressful..because he treats me like a 5 year old..kidding!
If you made it this long, congrats, I promise to be better!!

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