Wednesday, July 18, 2012

23 Weeks 1 Day

*For some reason Blogger jumbles up all my sentance's after I post them and I do not know how to fix it!! They all look normal in my draft, but when I preview it or post it, it is all messed up, so I am sorry about it!*

How far along? 23 Weeks 1 Day

Size of the baby? 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound! Her sense of movement is well developed by now, and she can feel me move and dance.

Food Cravings? I still am really enjoying soup, but i have found myself wanting sweet things this week also! I have resisted the temptation more than I have given in, just an FYI! :)

What I miss: a good margarita, I was at a friends wedding this weekend and that was the first
time I have missed alcohol. Terrible to say, but it is the truth!

Stretch Marks? Still only 3! I am putting lotion on like its my job!

Maternity Clothes? I have gotten a few more things from different friends, they are so sweet to let me borrow so I do not have to buy anymore! Although, I did get new undies and bras this week and that made me feel like a new woman! ha, so comfortable not being so tight everywhere!!

Gender? It's a GIRL!!

Weight Gain:  Still up 20 I am assuming, I go to the doctor next Thursday.

Sleep? I am getting more tired during the day than I have in the past month or so, but nothing too exhausting. I have been getting terrible legs cramps, so that's no fun.

Best Moment of the Week: I would have to say the kicks again! They are so strong! I was in NYC with some of my best friends over the weekend. They all got the chance to feel her kick, it was fun to share with them!

Symptoms: Leg cramps and I have been so thirsty. I can't get enough water!!

Movement? We have a very active little girl on our hands! She kicks up a storm, espically at night! I can lay on the couch and feel her kicking for 30 minutes straight! In the past week I has gotten so much stronger that you can see it from the outside. I am ready for her to kick during the day though, my mother is dying to feel it! :)

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