Monday, January 6, 2014

And we're back for another dramatic season..The Bachelor!

Are you as excited as me about the new season of the Bachelor!?!? I was not a huge fan of Juan Pablo last season, but I defiantly like the Bachelor more than the Bachelorette, so I am excited..bring on the drama! Ha! I have an amazing group of girls that I watch with every week. It is so fun to make time to get together during the week, even if it is for a silly reality tv show! It is going to be interesting this season though, considering I am going to have a new baby halfway through the season. I think I will be hosting quite a bit this year! I am the only one with a little one, so it is just easier for everyone to come to me :) Plus, I love having people over to my house! We have the basement finished now too, so there is a cozy room for us all to hangout and watch together! Can't wait to recap each week with you all!! Cheers to ANOTHER season! It will probably be "the most dramatic season yet"! (I feel like Chris Harrison says that at least once every episode!)

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  1. I am team Juan Pablo all the way! I feel in love with him at the after show. I hope he finds love!