Friday, January 31, 2014

Zetta's First Birthday- Picture Overload

We had Zetta's birthday party a few weeks after she turned one. Pete's sister lives in Australia and was coming to America the weekend before Thanksgiving for a month so we wanted her to be here to celebrate! We had it on a Sunday afternoon. We had a local BBQ place cater since it was right at lunch time and then I had a table full of sweets and appitizers as well. My mom, MIL, and sister made a few things also, so I really didn't have to do too much! It was pretty laid back. We kept it small with family and then a handful of friends! It was a great time celebrating our sweet girl's first year of life. My sister took a bunch of picture's so I am sorry in advance for the picture overload. I just didn't want to leave anything out! I wish we would have tried to get a group picture of all the kiddos but by the end of the party everyone was ready for a nap! Maybe next  year!

P.S. I am pretty proud to say I made this cake, all by myself ;)

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