Friday, June 19, 2015

It's Friday!

I am linking up with Karli, Erika, and Natasha for many different Friday celebrations! I don't know why, but this week has been extra exhausting! I am so ready for a rainy weekend at home catching up on laundry and playing with my girls! 

[O N E]

This past weekend we went to St. Louis for a family wedding. Ashley is my second cousin, and it is always good to see extended family. They are full of life and fun! Never a dull moment around these folks. It was a nice little dinner away from the girls with my sister (and Mark), and my parent's as well! 

The lighting was seriously the worst and a few people were missing, but here is a picture of the whole gang! 

And my oh so handsome date! 

The girls stayed back at the hotel with one of very best friends who the girls absolutely ADORE. Oh how I wish she still lived in my town. Wahh.

Just look at those sweet faces. Man, I am blessed.

[T W O]

Zetta and her little BFF, Mila, started gymnastics for the first time a few weeks ago. They are loving it and are listening so well! There was another little girl in her class, but she moved to an earlier time, so now it is just the two of them. They like dancing to their own beat anyway. ;) 

[T H R E E]

One of my very best friends is expecting her first little girl in August. We celebrated her this past weekend as well! We are so excited for baby Quinn to get here and add another girl to our club! 

My best friend, Megan, and her little girl came into town for the shower! So thankful to have such a close group of friends! It is so weird that I am the "old" mom in my group. So sweet to snuggle all of these little babies, though! Ekk. 

[F O U R]

I am wanting to make a list of Summer fun activities to do with the girls. I saw this list while browsing Pinterest. My girls aren't old enough for a lot of them (and we simply don't have that much extra time on our hands), but I want do a few new activities that are not something we would normally do this summer! 

160 Summer Fun List IDEAS!!

[F I V E]

Again, I could not be more excited that is FRI-YAY! I am so ready for a lazy weekend. I am hoping to finally hang my mirror in the master bath, hang a few more frames in the living room, and catch up on the dreaded chore of laundry! 

Best day of the week #friday Fri-Yay #TGIF

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