Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap!

On Friday when I got off, Nora stayed home with my mother in law during the day because she was "sick" the day before. She ended up taking over a 3 hour nap, so I am thankful she stayed home and got some rest! I ran and got Zetta and we went to SAM's before going home to pick up a few things that I needed for my friend Janice's shower on Sunday. We got home and the girls (Zetta) were begging to go to Discovery Playhouse. We use to go at least once a week and now that I got my new job we just can't seem to fit it into our schedule. They are open until 7 pm on Friday's so we went for it! We were the only ones there, so the girls were running crazy! 

Zetta convinced her Gaga that she needed an umbrella as we were leaving. Janet wanted to get her a little treat for doing so amazing using the big girl potty anyway, so it worked out! :)
 After we played, we met Papa for dinner at a little local pizza place. There was a long wait so Nora and I chilled outside while we waited because the weather was B-E-A-U-tiful!! Look at that little cheeser. This age is so fun!

Saturday we woke up and made pancakes. I had to document the fact that I burnt pancakes for the first time EVER. Wah..doing to make things at once! 
Pete had to work the majority of the day, so the girls and I headed to the farmer's market with my friend Tara, and then went to my parent's to swim a little bit. My parent's were doing yard work, so the girls and I picked up a few sticks and hung out with them more than we actually swam, but it was fun to just hangout and have no plans or no where to be all day!! 

We stopped by Orange Monkey to check on Daddy at work. The perks of owning a kid's entertainment facility, your kid get's the best seat in the house for watching zip liners!! 

This was the sun set when we pulled into the driveway Saturday evening. Nothing better than a summer sunset. God is good!! 

Sunday morning the girl's wanted to eat watermelon and gold fish on the front step. I said why not! We were out there for over an hour just sitting and playing. Pete was super happy because he got another hour of quiet, uninterrupted sleep...that's RARE! 

We loaded up, and all went and looked at a few potential houses for Pete to purchase before I headed to prep for Janice's shower! She got so many good gifts!!! The wedding is just two short weeks away and I could not be more excited!!! We had a great day celebrating one of the best friend's a girl could have! We all ended up staying way later than planned, just sitting on the front porch! I am so thankful for a husband that doesn't blink an eye when I get home 4 hours later than I said...oops. Thanks, babe!

Janice's future in law's!

Front porch sitting with these fun girls! 

We had a great weekend! Have a great week!!

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