Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Friday!!

TGIF! I could not be happier that it is Friday and next weekend is a holiday weekend! HOLLA!! Exciting times ahead! Today I am linking up to share some of my FAVORITE things on this beautiful Friday! I am linking up with a few of my favorite blogs today to share my favorite things!



[O N E]

This is one of my FAVORITE views and hope to see it many times this weekend! I am so happy this girl is loving the water this summer (and her sisters float!).

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[T W O]

This past Christmas, Pete's mom and step-dad made the girls this amazing tent. It was still at our old house because it wouldn't fit in the back of my Tahoe and I never asked anyone to help me move it until this past week. It is one of the girls FAVORITE places to hangout. The eat their breakfast in there, read books in there, and even hang out with Papa! We love having it up, and I think I get a gold star for letting it be in my living room! Ha!...kidding!

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[T H R E E]

Although the circumstances were not good, I was happy to spend the afternoon with my FAVORITE girls yesterday! Daycare called about 11:30 am and said that Nora was sick. Pete went and picked her up, and I headed home about 12:30 pm that way I would only have to take a half day off of work. We weren't sure how sick she really was, so Pete left Zetta there in case we really needed to focus on our sick girl. When I got home she was running around the house laughing and soaking in the one on one  time with her daddy!! We hung out around the house and she played and acted totally normal. We went and picked up Zetta a little early and I had to run to Target for a gift for a bridal shower this weekend. We did those things, and Zetta tinkled on the potty at Target, so she got a cake pop as a reward! :) We were ALL the way on the opposite side of the store and she said, "Mommy, I have to go potty!!!!" So we did the sprint like crazy people, but we made it! Her first day of no accidents. So proud of my big girl!!! Anyway, Nora definitely not her normal self, but she isn't too terribly sick, so I am thankful we are on our way to recovery!

She looks super sick, doesn't she?! ;)

[F O U R]

I am loving how much Zetta is getting into gymnastics. Mila is on vacation this week, so Zetta got a little one on one time with her teacher last night. I am so proud of how well she is doing, and how much she is improving in just 4 weeks. Easy to say this is becoming one of her FAVORITE things to do!

[F I V E]

That moment when you have been trying to get a picture to upload not upside down for 45 minutes and cannot figure it out! GRR! That is not one of my FAVORITE things, but I had to share. Does anyone else get annoyed with blogger and uploading pictures the wrong way, or is it just me?? Man, worst thing about it! 
Anyway, I am looking forward to a low key weekend with my FAVORITE people. One of Pete's step-brothers and his girlfriend are coming into town this weekend, so Pete is playing golf with them early in the morning. I am sure he is excited to get to play on a Saturday morning! With two small kids, those extra little activities are the first to go it seems like. Now that the girls are a little older we are both starting to do things for ourselves again, and it has been refreshing! I think the girls and I will get up and head to the Farmer's market to get our FAVORITE doughnuts while Daddy is scorching on the golf course! 

Have a fabulous weekend! 

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