Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rehashing my August Goals

Well just for fun I am going to go over my August goals and see how close I was to completing them! (The bold wording was the goal)

August Goals:

1. Workout at least 3 times per week (even if it is a walk to the park) Well, I think I succeeded all but one week because the girls were sick and I just didn't have the energy! I would say that is a win! 

2. Clean out my closet and get rid of things I do not wear. Check! I did it! I cleaned out everything I did not wear often or ever for that matter. Were talking shoes, tank tops, socks, etc. I packed it up and took it straight over to Teen Challenge thrift store and donated it all. It feels good to have this completed and actually out of my house! Usually I just pack it all up but it will just sit in my floor for weeks. Ah! #success 

3. Start and finish at least ONE book #realisticgoalshere Not so realistic. I maybe got one or two pages farther. #fail My sister is law is starting a book though and asked me to read it, too. I am going to switch up the book and see if that will help! I love reading and really want to find time for it again!

4. Get up before the girl's one day per week and enjoy the silence :) I did really well the first few weeks, but then Nora was sick and up in the night and I just cannot force myself to get up early when I have gotten hardly any sleep! Ugh. 

I would say overall I did decent. Not great, but not bad! I am obviously not going to set any goals for September considering we are already halfway through the month. I always hate when I get in a really good groove of blogging and then stop like I did in August. We have had so many fun things happen and I have a ton of pictures. I always wish as I am taking the picture's that I will blog about whatever we are doing, but I know that realistically I won't. Sigh. Maybe one day. I just need someone to call me on repeat until I get my butt out of bed at 5 am. I enjoy life more when I do. Anywho, onward we go! Have a fabulous hump day!

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