Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week...
Monday: French dip sandwiches with sweet potato fries and roasted veggies (recipe)


Tuesday: Teriyaki salmon, brown rice, and roasted veggies
Wednesday: Out to eat!
Thursday: Beef with broccoli (recipe post coming next week!)
Friday: Hot dogs cooked on a camp fire :)

What I am reminiscing about...
My husband will cringe if he reads this (which I am not sure if he does, so this is a good test!), but I am reminiscing about when my girls were babies!! So many friends are having their little ones and a lot of people around me are announcing pregnancies. I would be lying if I didn't say I was a tad jealous. I mean, by no means are we ready for another baby, but I think most people who have big kids miss their babies and that is me right now.

Zetta at one week old!

Zetta at 5 months!

Zetta at 5 months!

Nora at one week old!

Nora at 3 months old!

#sisters be still my heart!!

What I am loving...
I am loving the weather! So cliche, but I cannot help it! It seriously puts me in a better mood!

 I am also loving all of my new vitamins and supplements from ItWorks. I have really pulled the trigger and purchased quite a few things here lately, and I can honestly say I love every single one so much I think they are added to my daily regimen! After I finished nursing I totally slacked on taking my vitamins--like totally quit taking them all together. I could really tell in the way I felt, my nails and hair changed dramatically, too. I have consistently been taking a few things for the past couple weeks and I am really starting to feel a difference. Thank goodness!!

What we've been up to...
We have been up to a whole lot of nothing! Ha. I mean, don't get me wrong, we are always busy, but nothing to really talk about. Grocery store, cleaning house, being sick, laundry,going to the park, and the farmer's know the typical day to day things with a few fun things thrown in. My niece and nephew were in town this past weekend though, so that was fun.

We are soaking up the season by going to bonfire's at my parent's house, too. I wrote about one with our framily, here.

What I am dreading...
Honestly, I am not sure I am dreading anything. Maybe if I had to pick something, it would be how out of shape I am and trying to find a starting point again. Blah.
Fitness - Motivation - Inspiration follow my fitness blog please

What are your eating habits telling people about you? #ShakeologyResults:

Yoga, Running, Pilates, Zumba... What about a walk? Just be active in whatever way you can :):

What I am working on...
I am clearly working on my fitness. Ha. I am also working on finishing a few small projects around the house, and being more intentional about meal planning and what I buy each week at the grocery!

What I am excited about...
This weekend is our annual family trip to Sam A. Baker State Park with my mom's side of the family. To say I am excited is an understatement. I love that everyone in the family makes this weekend a priority, and we all just commit to spending time together with no cell service. We all live within 1.5 hours of each other (most of us 20 minutes), but life just gets so busy and it is hard to get together. I definitely take for granted that all my family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins) on both sides live within 2 hours from me, and the majority are in the same town. I do not know many families that have that. Every year I wanted to be more intentional about hanging out with family and I haven't done it. #fail #maybethisyear

What I am watching/reading...
Let's face it, I am not a reader at this point in my life. I give it all I've got, but I just cannot make it happen right now. If my girls went to bed before 9:30-10 PM I think it would be more of an option, but that's just not how it is right now. Someday I will start reading again. Hopefully sooner rather than later, because I do enjoy reading!
I am watching quite a few shows though! I have a few that I watch alone, and then Pete and I have quite a few we watch together. Thank goodness for DVR.
We just finished watching Big Brother. I guess I am happy that Steve won. I wish James would have won though. I am happy he got voted "favorite player". All of the Fall series are BACK! We are recording The Middle, Modern Family, Survivor, Amazing Race, Life in Pieces, Limitless, The Voice, and I am sure we record a few more. Don't let me fool you...we get super behind. Like 3-5 episodes behind on most of these shows. We watch when we can, but with the girls late bedtimes we really only (maybe) make it through one show a night before I fall asleep!
In my free time (ha) or nights that Pete works late I watch: Grey's Anatomy, Real Housewives of Orange County, Hawaii 5-0, NCIS L.A., or Fixer Upper.
Whew. Funny how much TV we watch and I probably couldn't tell you one actor or actress real life name. I am terrible, I mean terrible, when it comes to that type of stuff. HA!

What I am listening to...
I am finally on the podcast bandwagon. I am liking: Serial, Criminal, Hope*ologie, and It Works team podcast! I am also listening to Today's hits and Philip Phillips radio on Pandora at work.

What I am wearing...
I am terrible at taking pictures of my outfits. I will do my best to remember in October!
I have been wearing a lot of flats, skinny jeans, t-shirts or tank tops with a cardigan. Pretty basic!

What I am doing this weekend...
I already talked about what I am doing this weekend above in "What I am excited about" :)

What I am looking forward to next month...
Oh my goodness, I have so much to look forward to in October! Pete and I are taking our FIRST weekend getaway with no children to columbia for Mizzou's homecoming! One of his good friends lives there and I contacted him a while back asking if he could help me out by getting tickets. He is amazing, and got us (and him and his wife) tickets to the game! It was my gift to Pete for his birthday back in August, but the timing works out good because this month (Oct. 16) we also celebrate of FIFTH wedding anniversary! So exciting! October is the month of football, boots, pumpkins, and Halloween and I am ecstatic for all of the above!

Last year my girls were Koala bears. We are still undecided on costumes for 2015. We shall see!

What else is new...
Pete started his new job this month. He is extremely busy, but we are all slowly adjusting to our new schedule. I think it is all going to be okay...I think. Kidding. It is going great, and the girls are taking it better than I expected. Zetta has asked a few times where her daddy is, but we went and visited him at his "new work" on Saturday, so I think that helps her associate where he is. She is a thinker and she remembers everything, so if I tell her that Daddy is at his "new work" she can visualize it now and that helps her process where he is and she knows I am telling the truth. :) You can't sneak one by this girl that is for sure. For example, if she wants something that she can't have (chocolate chips before dinner, a 3rd helping of yogurt) I use to tell her it was all gone, but that only worked for a short time. She now knows that it's really not all gone so she demands that I "let her see" until I show her. Now I have to tell her that she cannot have more of something and why instead of taking the easy way out. I think it is a good thing for her to learn, definitely, but it is causing a lot more tears and time for sure! She's a smart one!

Bonus question...What is your favorite Halloween tradition? 
As a child we always went to my church Fall Festival on Halloween. It was set up with a ton of games, candy, food, and everyone was dressed up. It was open to the public and I loved it! They recently switched it up in the past few years and have a few members of the church have neighborhood parties. They are set up the same way, but at 5 or so church members houses. It is okay, but I honestly wish we had the festival instead because I loved it! We will go see my parent's and Pete's mom and step-dad and maybe do a little trick or treating, but who knows. I would love to throw a party for all our little friends, but I am not sure Pete would go for it. We will see!

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