Tuesday, August 7, 2012

26 Weeks!

It seems like the weeks are flying by! We finally have the nursury looking like a baby room and I could not be more excited about it! It is turning out exactly as planned! :) My sister's bff, Kelley, offered to make me the big thing with her name on it, and since Pete and I have decided (as of yesterday) to wait until she is born to choose a name, that will not be here before she is born. Owell, I just need to decide what I want to do on the other walls and focus on that! The room is pretty small, so I do not want it to be too crowded, but I have a few ideas :) I will do a whole post on a nusury update soon!

This was at 25 weeks and 5 days! :)

How far along? 26 weeks!!

Size of the baby?

Food Cravings? Anything and everything! Ha, I honestly have been trying to eat better the past few weeks so everything "bad" that I don't want to eat sounds delcious. Go figure.

What I miss: I am honestly not missing too much these days. I am really enjoying being pregnant and all that goes with it! I have felt so blessed lately that God gave me the opportunity to have children. It is such an amazing thing and I don't want to complain or miss too much, because some people never get this feeling and that makes me really, really sad.

 Stretch marks? I have a few on my boobs (TMI) but nothing major, yet.

Maternity Clothes? My sister gave me a bunch more dresses (shirts for me ;)) that I have been wearing with the 3 pairs of shorts that I have. I have also been wearing the same 3 maxi dresses like crazy (SO unlike me). Old Navy was also running a sale and I got those red jeans in the picture above, which I love! I love that they are coming out with stylish maternity clothes, it honestly is a great confidence booster. I also bought a pair of maternity leggings (in order to get free shipping) and I am sure I will get plenty of use out of those in the coming months.

Gender? GIRL! Like I mentioned above, Pete and I were talking about different things yesterday and I made him have the name conversation. He finally expressed that he wants to wait until she is born to pick between Eleanor or Zetta. He said either one will be perfect, so why rush it. ;) Such a man, but I do not mind to wait either, it is such a hard decision for me and honestly probably won't even know when she comes out. Even though everyone says we will just know when we see her. That comment is so weird to me and I guess it's one of those things you can't picture saying/doing until you are actually experiencing it. Reguardless, it's still weird.

Weight Gain? Yikes. We are gonna leave this one blank until I go to the doctor Friday. :)

Sleep? I have been sleeping great!! I am becoming pretty tired throughout the day again though, so that is not too much fun. I have been going to bed pretty early, but I have also been waking up around 7:30-8 every morning without an alarm. Well, a noise alarm, I do have a different kind of alarm in my belly, that's for sure!!! :)

Best moment of the week? I didn't post last week, so my best moment's of the past few weeks would be that my mom and MIL got to feel her kick and Pete and pretty much feel it anytime he puts his hand on my belly! When we were at our check up, she was listening to the heartbeat and baby girl was moving so much she could barely get a read on the heartrate! She is very active! I also love that my MIL brought over the dresser she finished and it looks SO AMAZING and my parents brought over the crib so the room is no longer empty. Also, Pete and I were at Lowe's walking through all the lights and I pointed to the chandilier that I wanted and he said that he wants something that sits closer to the ceiling and didn't think we needed a chandalier. I said whatever and dropped it. Well, I came home the other night and there was a big box is the room...it was the chandalier :) I was super excited! He is going to have no shot when she is born. She is going to get anything she wants because she will figure out real quick that daddy cannot say no to his sweet girl! :) At least he admits it. hehe.

Symptoms? Not too much. Tired and hungry, but I feel like that is normal when I am not pregnant. haha.

Movement? I think I already answered this in all my super wordy responses above!



  1. Well...I just cried. I think I miss you guys, haha. I am SO happy everything is going well!

    1. AW! We miss you too!!! It's so lonely with no siblings around. :(