Monday, August 6, 2012

Ashley's Wedding!!

The second weekend in July one of my best friends, Ashley, got married! She currently lives in New York and her husband is located on a military base about 6 hours north of her. They planned the wedding in Ocean City, Maryland, about 4 hours away from the city. I met one of my other best friends, Emily (who lives in Columbia) in St.Louis Wednesday night and we stayed with my sister and flew out Thursday morning. We landed and just went to Ashley and Lauren (another one of our best friends) apartment and hung out until they got off work. Ashley had a few last minute errands to run before we got on the road early Friday morning.Because Ashley and I have are bad influences for each other, we decided to get eyelash extensions on Thursday night when we were running errands. I have been wanting to try them out, but didn't want to spend the money. Plus, not to brag, but I have pretty thick and long eyelashes to begin with, so I am not sure what look I was expecting. Let me tell you, I hated them!!! I think the mistake was that I didn't really want them for the extension part. I was more interested in the thickness, not length and the lady misunderstood. Therefore, they were super long, and when I looked in the mirror I just wanted to rip them all out! Besides that, they were heavy, itchy, and you could see them all the time! Here is a few pictures of what they looked like. To give you an idea how long they were, when I got home, my brother asked if they hit the windshield when I was driving! Seriously, if my brother noticed, they had to have been bad! Needless to say, I went and got them removed the next day and 10 more dollars later.

Seriously, terrible picture, but I wanted to show my sister how long they really were!

We spent the rest of the time in Ocean City, enjoying the beach and catching up!!
Dinner on Friday night!

Bachelorette Party-with our non-alcoholic beer ;)

The best friends a girl could ask for! xoxo

One of Ashley's friends had this drive by the beach Saturday afternoon, it was so fun!!!!
          The flowers, before I wrapped them :)                                  The "cake" 

                            The wedding spot, so beautiful!!!!


                                                           The Bride and I before the wedding!!!

The boys

The girls, in our unplanned, matching attire :)

The ceremony

 A few pictures after the wedding! One of Ashley's friends had an awesome camera and she was our personal photographer the whole weekend! She took over 800 pictures and uploaded them all on shutterfly for us to share, so sweet! I couldn't narrow it down anymore than these! Everything was SO beautiful!!

I was going to try to do all 3 weddings in one post, but I think that will be the world's longest blog post! Therefore, I will post Lindsey's wedding festivities tomorrow!


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