Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lindsey's Big Day!

The next weekend after I got home from NYC, one of my childhood friends got married! Lindsey's and I were so close when we were little and she is someone who no matter how long we go between talking, we can always pick right up like it was yesterday! I cherish the memories we have as the "Pingtis" family! The Pingels (and a couple other families) and our family did A LOT growing up. They were the family that we took vacations with, watched the super bowl with, celebrated NYE's, "Family" Christmas dinner and pretty much any other "non-holiday" event, we were with them! I pray Pete and I find other couples that want to raise their children in such a Christ-centered environment; so my kids can have relationships like I did with these families. They are truly "family". On to the wedding!!!!

It all started on Thursday at a pre-wedding workout! I think it'll be easier to just post the pictures and tell what's going on as we go. I just have so many!

Before our workout!

Getting our steps set up!

Lindsey and her awesome vail!
Mrs. Rene (Lindsey's mom) planned out a workout for all us girls, a few moms, grandmas, aunts, etc! She also wanted us to learn the cupid shuffle, the electric slide, and a few other line dances for the reception! It was nothing short of a good time!
After the workout, we all went home to get ready and all meet back at Whitney's house (Lindsey's sister) for her Bachelorette/ Lingerie party!

Dinner at Saffron! YUM!

The group!

Playing one of the games! Whitney went above and beyond planning this party! We played a few games, but I think this is the only one that is "blog appropriate" ;)

Opening all her gifts! We had to write a piece of marriage advice and sex advice on a card and Whitney read them out loud to see who's gift Lindsey opened next, Lindsey had to try to guess who wrote each one! So fun!!

Friday morning we started early with mani's and pedi's! Mrs. Rene was so sweet and treated all of us!

After nails, we all headed downtown to a local bed and breakfast for a bridesmaid luncheon put on by Lindsey's aunt, cousin, and grandma! It was so delicious!!

After lunch we went to check out the reception hall before heading to church for the rehearsal!

Rehearsal! Mrs. Jewel (the church wedding chair person) and the videoographer (that was EVERYWHERE! That will be one good video :))

I didn't get any pictures of the rehearsal dinner, but it was so nice! Curt's parents rented the river view room above Buckner's and it was so pretty!

Saturday!!! The BIG day!!!

Doing our make-up

All of us girls in our robes! This was Lindsey' s gift to all us bridesmaids. It was such a thoughtful gift, and I have worn mine multiple times since the wedding! Love it!

Getting in the dress!

Lindsey and I waiting to go downstairs!!!

Seeing her dad for the first time!

I didn't get any pictures of the actual ceremony, obviously. But here are a few at different locations after! So Fun!

The newly married couple

First dance

Doing our dances!

Sparklers as they exit. It was so pretty :)

That wraps up another wedding weekend! One more to go!!



  1. I love that you all did a group workout. And those robes are awesome!

    1. Me too! We were all kind of worried about the group workout, but it ended up to be really fun!! Thanks for the comment, have a good day!

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