Monday, August 10, 2015

Baby Palmer

My bestie, Megan, came into town one weekend in July and somehow we did not have anything going on that weekend! We totally took advantage and hung out with Meg and baby Palmer all day!!! The girls and I went to the Farmer's market Saturday morning and then Megan, her mom, her sister, and baby P came over to look at all of the girl's clothes I am getting rid of! After naps, the girls and I headed over to Mrs. Paula's (Megan's MIL) to swim and hangout. We ended up staying until bedtime!! Pete came over for dinner and we all just ate, swam, and spent time together! I bet I said 10x on Sunday how thankful I am for good friends, and how much more enjoyable life is when we go somewhere that is baby friendly! Mrs. Paula went above and beyond to help me out with the girls, had snacks, toys, and everything I needed for them..she even had a crib for Nora to nap in! Any other moms out there know how stressful it feels to be in someone else's home with two destructive toddlers. It was just a nice change to not have to worry about packing up my whole house for an afternoon away from home. :) SHOUT OUT TO MRS. PAULA!

She was so proud to be "helping" baby Palmer

That's my girl. Snacking on pretzel's poolside!

Zetta was just straight chillin' in that baby pool! Kicked back and relaxing! 

It is always crazy for me to look at these girls now and think that in 5 years, they will all 7, 6, and 5 years old and you will hardly be able to tell a difference in their ages! I love little friends so much!! Cannot wait for another weekend with this crazy crew!!

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