Tuesday, August 4, 2015


A few weekends ago one of my very best friends got married! Janice and I met in high school just a few times (she dated one of "our guys" for a few months), but then in college we ran into each other again and the rest was history! Janice lived with Pete and I for two years before she moved in with Gabe. She was there for me when I brought Zetta home and helped me through one of the toughest transition a girl will ever go through. She is that one friend I know I can call and she will drop what she is doing to come to my rescue. I am so thankful our paths crossed that night and college because my life would be so boring without you, Janice!! Thank you for being so positive in every situation and always trying to bring the best out of everything! I am so happy for you and Gabe and cannot wait for the lifetime of memories with you all!



One of the other bridesmaids had a selfie stick and we had WAY too much fun using it! I really think I need one for myself! :)

Everything about your day was beautiful, Janice! xoxo.

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