Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we did a lot of nothing! I had the on call "emergency" phone for work, so I had to stay somewhere with cell service and access to a computer in case I got a call. Pete also sprained his ankle pretty bad on Tuesday night and really still couldn't walk around too good, so that limited us on what we could really do!
Friday, my sister in laws came over and hung out with the girls all day, and then that evening Emily and I went to a LuLuLemon trunk show at a local yoga studio and then we took the girls to a Dr. Seuss event at Barnes and Noble. Zetta didn't really get a nap at all, and the girl reading the book was very expressive and Zetta just couldn't handle it. We went to the cafe and hada cupcake while the little girls colored and listened to the story. I love little unexpected one on one time with my big girl. She is slowly working her way out of the toddler phase and becoming a big girl. It is a flash into my future to sit there with her and talk about our days. Her vocabulary and memory are so good, I love that we can really have a (basic) conversation.

Saturday, the girls and I snuggled in bed, and then went to Target that morning, and then Pete had to go to Jackson to show a house, so we had him drop the girls and I off at my parent's and we swam with my mom the rest of the morning-mid afternoon. We headed home at nap time and just spent some time at home! That evening we ran to Orange Monkey with Pete and then came home and had breakfast for dinner!

Sunday, we slept in and then I got a wild hair and cleaned the house :) I think it is the first time I have been able to vacuum the whole house and do a few other small chores all while the girls played together in their room. I seriously am loving that they are old enough to entertain themselves and play together for 30 minutes or so. #lifechanging I also organized all of the girls puzzles, which is always a good feeling #babysteps Zetta is always begging to go to Discovery Playhouse, so we went there after Nora woke up from her nap for about an hour and burned a little bit of energy! My mom came over that evening so Pete and I could go on a mini date (dinner)! Pete and I rarely get away without our girls so it is always refreshing to get a little one on one time and uninterrupted conversation! (THANKS MAMA!) We came home and Zetta was asleep so we got a little one on one time playing with Nora. It's easy to miss the little things when you have two kids. I love the stage Nora is in right now!


I am excited to see if this keeps the pieces with the puzzles!

Never will they both look at the camera in the same picture. Ha. 

Our favorite selfie spot!! Zetta asked to sit and take a picture (it was obviously too sunny for a selfie)!

It was really hot, so I was letting the car cool off before we got in and little gardener Zetta could not stand the amount of weeds in the flower bed. You're welcome city of Cape for my little weed puller! 

DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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