Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Girl's just wanna have fun!

The last weekend in July, I had a girls weekend with some of my very favorites! These girls have been in my life since high school (or younger) and are going to be life long friends! It is amazing how are we are in totally different places in our lives, but when we come together it is like nothing has changed! We all say we have changed, but when we get back together we really are all just the same! :)

We just went to St. Louis since that is kind of a middle ground for us to meet, and Lauren was flying back home to NYC on Sunday, it only made sense for her to be close to the airport! Friday night we ended up going out at the last minute, and I am so glad we did! We just wore sandals and shorts and didn't care about anyone else, just having fun together! Saturday, we woke up and went and had brunch, and just laid by the pool all. day. We're talking until 7:30 pm...it was GLORIOUS! We finally made our way inside, got ready and headed out to dinner. After dinner we tried to go out, but we ended up back at the hotel early and just went and sat around the hot tub and chatted the night away.

Perfect weekend get-away! Love you girls!

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