Thursday, August 6, 2015


A little "fair" if you will, comes to my hometown once a year before the actual fairs begin. My friend Tara and I share the same love for corndogs, so I knew she would be down for going with me! The girl's still don't like rides, so I knew I wouldn't have to fight them off anything! There was a trampoline, and they asked to jumped, but as soon as another little girl got on Zetta was DONE. Nora wanted a turn, and literally was just frozen on it. Hilarious. It started raining when we were there so we finished our food under a tree and sprinted back to the car! I put both girls in the stroller and they thought it was hilarious! I turned it around to face me and reclined it all the way so I could hold Nora in the whole time, no worries! It was a short trip, but nice to see a small town come together and eat a corn dog! :)

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