Friday, October 16, 2015

30 things

Today is Pete and I's 5th wedding anniversary! I feel like in some ways he hasn't changed a bit since I met him way back in, uhh, 2004 at the Jackson City Pool. In other ways he has changed a lot. All good changes, of course (like becoming a husband and daddy). I never in a million years would have thought that you are who God had planned to be my forever mate, but boy and I thankful that you were placed in my path! 

I wanted to post a list of 30 reasons why I love Pete. Often times I don't do a great job verbalizing how important and special he is to me, and so I wanted him to be able to see some of those reasons written out as well as share them with you...maybe you don't know him very well, or even at all and this will give you an opportunity to see how blessed I am to have him as my husband!

In no particular order...

1. I love how Pete leads our family. He leads the way in making our big decisions, showing our children what its like to love his wife, giving of his time, energy and love to others and the things that he's passionate about.

2. I love how Pete will dance when the girls ask him to go "dancing in the wibing room".

3. I love how Pete remembers my favorites things and will surprise me with them, just because.

4. I love how Pete allows me to be a part of things that I'm passionate about. He supports me when I take time away from our family to be a part of something bigger, like American Caner Society Gala committee, or church functions. He supported me in my decision to be a wedding planner for a while and live out that dream before we had a family.  

5. I love who Pete is when he's around his close friends and family. He opens up and has such a great sense of humor. He doesn't always show this side of himself, but its when he's comfortable with who he's around, that you're able to see just how awesome he is!

6. I love how Pete is always willing to step in to help or take over cooking dinner and dishes.

7. I love how our responsibilities of having a house and raising two children is a team effort! We don't have assigned roles; we work together and help out when we see that its needed. Pete knows how to work the washer and dryer. He knows how to cook. He does a great job at cleaning, and he's the best when it comes to playing with the girls and keeping them calm during our "witching hour".

8. I love how Pete respects my parents and my grandparents. He is interested in knowing their background and hearing their stories of childhood and how things were for them. 

9. I love how hardworking Pete is. I have never met another person that can manage a family, a lot of really great friendships, and 3 full time jobs flawlessly. 

10. I love how Pete provides for our family.

11. I hate ;) love how Pete reminds me that not everything is a big deal and sometimes its okay to just slowww down. I can see his little "crank the breaks" hand motions as I type this! :) 

12. I love how Pete plays with the girls. Sometimes it makes me nervous when he's barrel rolling across the floor with them in his arms, but it brings so much joy and laughter, it doesn't matter!

13. I love that (for the most part) we enjoy the same kinds of movies and tv shows. I mean we have a few shows we watch separately (you know..walking dead, Real Housewives of the OC, Bachelor, etc) but making a point to wait for each other on certain shows is always a little special. 

14. I love how Pete gives me time away to be by myself or to enjoy time with friends, to be someone other than just a mommy. and he never complains about it!

15. I love that Pete enjoys traveling.

16. I love that Pete loves me for who I am and never tries to change me into someone that I'm not. He accepts my faults and still loves me anyway.

17. I love when Pete kisses me on the cheek.

18. I love when Pete will play with my hair.

19. I love how Pete takes pride in caring for our yard.

20. I love that Pete is a man of God. He wants to raise our children in the church and strives to raise our girls to be genuine, caring, and thoughtful of others.

21. I love how Pete will get up in the middle of the night with either of our kids. From the very beginning, he would be up in a second with me and never complain a second about being tired!

22. I love when Pete mans the music in the car. Music use to be a large "thing" in our relationship way back when. I love when I hear one of "our songs" and the feelings that instantly smack in my the face and remind me of how lucky I am to have him in my life. 

23. I love how Pete loves me. He is kind, forgiving, affectionate, supportive, and my rock!

24. I love how darn attractive Pete is. I'm one lucky lady! :)

25. I love how Pete cares for everyone else. He has always, always been a giver, but he is so humble.

26. I love how Pete will drop anything to help a friend. He is the most loyal friend, and truly wants the best for everyone.

27. On that some topic, I love how Pete cares about my friends and is interested in making sure they are doing okay and things are going good for them.

28. I love how I have always felt safe with Pete.

Little side story to go along with this one!A story I will never forget and really confirmed that Pete is the most caring and thoughtful person I have ever been around...Back when Pete and I were dating (we only dated 6 months before we got engaged), we went on a bike ride with his family. It was on a gravel trail that was pretty flat and an easy ride. On one side of the trail there was a small hill that went down into a creek. Pete slowed down and switch side with me as we were riding and I thought it was so weird. When I asked him what in the world he was doing, he said that he needed to be on the outside because he didn't want me swerving off the trail and wrecking down the hill. It still bring a smile to my face that he is that concerned for my safety. :)
Sometimes I get a little annoyed by his overly cautious ways (like always wanting closed toed shoes on the girls, or wants them to wear pants instead of shorts in the summer to protect their knees when they fall :)). but when it comes down to it, I am so so thankful for the man that he is and how much he cares!

29. I love how Pete is always trying to find the best deal on anything and everything. Yes, it can get hectic when he comes home with 25 containers of Lysol wipes, 50 rolls of paper towels, or even 35 new pairs of pants for the girls. But, it is also really handy to know that he is always watching out and never has made me feel like shopping is only a mom duty. Most of our close friends and family know this about him as well, and he has a list of 20 different things to "watch out for" for everyone and he never forgets about anyone and genuinely wants to help everyone! No matter if it is groceries, appliances, carpet, clothes, name it, he will usually find the best bargain for you!

30. I love that I get to be married to my best friend forever!

Thank you Charles, for being there for me the past 5 years. We have been through a lot of changes, some good and some bad, but you have always been there! Here's to praying for many, many, many more anniversaries! I love you! 

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  1. Congrates on 5 years! That is awesome. i wish you many more amazing years.