Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mini Must Have's for Fall

I get asked often where I get the girls clothes, so I thought that I would dedicate a whole post to where I purchase all of our Fall basics. I try to stay pretty main stream and just mix and match the different printed leggings and shirts. I shop a lot at Sears, surprisingly enough. They always are running ridiculous sales and that's the only place I can find one of our favorite brands!

1. Old Navy Fur Vest --I love this thing! I think it is a perfect alternative to a bulky coat and is much more adorable

2. Floral leggings --I am a lover of the ToughSkin brand! The pants and shirts fit my girls so well and they wash up amazing! We always order leggings in every color in this brand!

3. Carter's two-piece set --You can never go wrong with a good set! I like to get the sets with printed leggings and solid tops, that way I can switch it out with all of our other clothes and I am not limited to just pair these two items together.

4. Minnetonka's -- Our girls really only have about 3-4 pairs of shoes each season. In the Fall/Winter we wear a lot of moccasins. I have to get the single fringe with the Velcro in the back because for some reason the double fringe with the zipper just do not go onto my little's feet!

5. Bows --We rarely leave the house without a bow! I go to a lot of little local shops to get the majority of our bows, but if I need just a basic grosgrain bow I usually go to Hobby Lobby and use that 40% off coupon!

6. Old Navy dresses --I stock up on these!! When I pulled out all of our 18-24 month clothes I think I counted 11 of these dresses! Some printed, some solid! They are so versatile, wash so well, and are comfortable for the girls. Plus, they look a lot cuter than a plain long sleeve shirt in my opinion. It's an overall win and an absolute must have at our house!

7. Ugg boots-- These are probably more for winter than Fall, but I still put them on the list! They go with everything and keep those little feet nice and cozy! I have gotten other brands of boots, but none stay on their feet and hold up as well as the Uggs. It is an investment, but totally worth it! A lot of time you can score a pair in excellent used condition on Ebay as well! I have no shame in buying used!

8. Long sleeve shirts-- Shirts for those days you just don't want to wear a dress! I already said it, but I will say it again..we love the ToughSkin brand. They run a little small, but they fit nicely and don't shrink up. My girls have that perfectly round little toddler belly, and I always feel like other brands shrink up after a few washes.

I hope this post helped anyone who is looking for a good deal on Fall must have's! Happy Fall friends!

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